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    This ML story I poured tons of time and effort into.
    It's like looking back through a few years of Nancy,
    Frank and Joe's lives. I hope you all enjoy, and I
    think GG especially will. ;-) Love yah all! *Hugzzz*

    By Mel

    3 years ago....
    (overly used music begins)

    “Tag, your it!” Says a familiar voice from behind me.
    “Hey!” I shout, whirling around to see Joe darting quickly away from me.
    “Not so fast!” I call, sprinting across the park green.
    Everything is like magic, today. The golden leaves fall off the tree surrounding the park; The soft evening sunlight falls through the trees, casting dark shadows on the ground; I run as fast as my feet take me.
    “Guys...” Frank mumbles, rolling his eyes. He continues his physics homework while sitting at the base of a huge oak tree.
    I continue chasing his younger brother across the park. Joe takes a sharp turn, and runs in the other direction, looking over his shoulder to see where I am. I quicken my pace, and am almost a foot away from him, when all of a sudden, he stops short, causing us both to fall to the ground, laughing our heads off.
    “Okay, Nancy! I surrender!” Joe says. “I. Can't. Run. Any. More.” He gasps for air. I laugh, and punch him lightly on the arm.
    I sit up, and brush the leaves out of my hair. Just then, papers shower down on us.
    “What did I tell you about procrastination, guys?” Frank looms over us with a critical look in his dark brown eyes. I look down at one of the papers on my lap. Algebra.
    True, Frank and Joe, (who are 16 and 15) agreed to meet up with me at the park to do homework, but it's such a nice day.
    “It's the thief of time.” Joe groans, rolling his eyes.
    “Exactly.” Frank replies.
    “But I hate school,” Joe whines, crumpling one of the papers into a ball and tossing it back to Frank. He catches it, as Joe continues, “Just because your so dedicated and disciplined, doesn't mean I am.”
    “I know you're not.” Frank replies.
    Just then, a light breeze rustles the treetops causing orange and yellow leaves to swirl around us. I fall back onto the soft grass. Suddenly, my phone beeps. I take it out of my pocket, and skim over the text from Dad.

    Come home Nancy, It's already 6 :)

    “Gotta go, guys.” I say, getting to my feet. “See you tomorrow!” I call, waving to them as I jog down the dirt path.
    After collecting my folders containing the homework, I walk to my bike, and begin to ride home.

    * * *

    I open the door, and am immediately greeted by Togo jumping into my arms.
    “Hello, sweetie!” I coo, kissing him between the eyes. “Daddy, I'm home!” I call into the house as Togo gives my face a thorough washing.
    I set the small terrier down, and he scrambles into the kitchen, where Hannah is making fresh cheese and spinach raviolis.

    After dinner, Dad tells me he has work to do, so he walks glumly into his dark office.
    I help Hannah wash the dishes and clean up, then decide to do the my homework and read before bed. After the battle with algebra, I crawl under the covers with a mystery book in my hands.
    Before I can read even two pages, I am fast asleep.

    * * *

    “Here comes the sun, little darling, here comes the sun....” My cell phone alarm blares. I groan, and shut it off.
    “Time for school,” I remind myself. I unwillingly get out of my nice warm bed and get dressed.
    After feeding Togo, I hop into the passenger seat of Dad's car. He turns the key, and we drive down the quiet streets of River Heights.
    The soft morning sunlight sparkles off the wet grass. A few minutes later, I sigh as we pull into the parking lot of the River Heights Private High School.
    “See you later, Daddy.” I say, gathering my things, and shutting the car door. I walk up to the double doors of the prison-I mean school, and open them. I am greeted by the bustle of kids talking in low voices, and filing into their classrooms. I spot a familiar face in the crowd.
    “Hey Nance!” Joe calls, walking over to me. We are both 15, and attend the same school and classes.
    “Another beautiful day in prison,” He rolls his bright blue eyes.
    I laugh in agreement.
    “Hi Nancy,” Frank says in a rushed tone, skimming over a stack of papers. “Bye Nancy.” He hurries down the long hall, and into a classroom.
    “Gosh, he's in a rush.” I point out.
    Joe laughs. “Frank's always in a rush.” He replies. “Not to mention always worried. You name it, Frank worries about it.” Joe opens the door for me, and we step inside the nearly full classroom.

    The hours pass slowly. Joe and I exchange bored glances every now and then. I am glad when the clock strikes noon, and everyone files into the cafeteria.
    I sit down at one of the tables, and open my neatly packed lunch box Hannah prepares for me every weekday. Today she made me avocado and lettuce sandwiches with brown rice chips and a thermos of hot chamomile tea.
    Frank sits across from me, writing something quickly in a textbook, and hardly touching his salad. Joe is sitting next to him, eating a cheeseburger and soda. I giggle to myself at how different the two brothers are.
    Joe rolls his eyes at Frank. “Why are you doing calculus, Frank?” He asks. “Only someone who is completely nuts would waste their time with something like that.”
    Frank whacks his brother on the side of his head. “Watch your mouth, Joe.” He replies. “You'll be doing this next year.”
    “Over my living body.” Joe says. “I'm dropping out of school next year.”
    Frank rolls his eyes. “Do you really think Mom and Dad will let you?” He points out.
    "Probably not." Joe replies. "But, school isn't natural."
    Frank smiles. "And neither is drinking soda." He says, taking the can of coke away from Joe, and replacing it with a bottle of water.
    Joe laughs, and playfully punches his brother on the arm. "Touché"

    1 Year Later:

    I sit motionless on the swing at the park. Not much has happened this year. Dad had to leave on business trip to England, and I turned 16 (Yay!).
    I look out at the small patches of snow melting on the ground, and sigh.
    "Nanccccce...." Someone whispers into my ear. I whirl around, twisting the swing chain up.
    "Joe!" I laugh.
    "What are you thinking about?" Joe asks with a playful grin, sitting down on the swing beside me.
    "Nothing," I reply in a dazed voice.
    "That's the most popular lie I know."
    I giggle. "Well, if this satisfies you more, then, I'm thinking about everything." I reply.
    "Wow, that's a lot to be thinking about."
    There is a moment of silence. "So... you dropping out of school?" I ask.
    "Yeah... As soon as I can convince mom and dad that it's a good idea. Which, by the way, isn't working very well.”
    I smile, and look off towards the end of the park, where all the big maples are. I remember that magical day in fall that Frank, Joe, and I were at this very place, doing homework, or trying to anyway. I smile at the thought.
    “Okay;” Joe begins. “Nancy randomly looks at maple trees and smiles. What are you thinking about?”
    “Remember that day last fall?” I ask.
    “There was lots of days last fall.” Joe remarks.
    “I mean the day we came here to do homework?” I reply.
    “Oh yeah,” Joe remembers. “You were such a hyper little kid.”
    “Little kid? Joe, it was last year.” I laugh.
    “I know,” Joe says. “I wonder if you're still as fast as you used to be.”
    “Of course!” I reply. “I wonder if you're faster than you used to be...”
    Joe laughs. I reach over, and tap him lightly on the shoulder. “Tag, your it!” I exclaim, hopping off the swing, and sprinting across the park.
    “Not so fast, Nancy Drew!” Joe calls, chasing after me.
    I giggle, and continue running.

    * * *

    “Good morning, Daddy,” I say, rubbing my eyes as I walk into his office.
    “Good morning, Nancy.” He replies.
    “How was your trip to England?” I ask.
    “Very dull.” Dad sighs. “It was raining the whole time I was there. But, I didn't go for the weather. Besides that, everything was fine.”
    “Sorry I didn't talk much last night when you came home.” I say, yawning. “I was so tired!”
    “That's okay, sweetie.” Dad smiles.
    It has been a few days since I've seen Frank or Joe. Since it's spring break, I haven't been at school, and the days are usually cloudy, or rainy.
    “Well, I'm afraid you brought some of that dull weather home with you, Daddy.” I say. Dad smiles, and looks out the window sprayed with raindrops from last night.
    “Yes, I suppose I did.” He replies.
    Just then, my phone rings. I look to see who's calling; It's Frank.
    “I'll be right back.” I say, answering the call, as I walk to the open door of my bedroom.
    “Hello?” I ask.
    “Hey Nancy.” Frank replies, his voice missing it's usual liveliness.
    “Is something wrong?” I wonder out loud.
    “Well, um.... yeah.” Comes his answer. I close my door, and sit down on the bed.
    “What is it?” I almost don't want to know. I don't want to hear any bad news.
    “Nancy, we're.... we're ...moving.”
    My hand flies to my mouth. I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach.
    “W-what?” I say in shock.
    “That is, me, My Mom, My Dad, and Joe are moving to Bayport, New York.”
    Bayport? That's so far away from River Heights in northeast Connecticut. A lump forms in my throat that prevents me from speaking.
    “Nancy? Are-are you there?” Frank asks in a small voice.
    “Yes.” I manage to whisper.
    “I'm.... sorry, Nancy.” He says.
    I squeeze my eyes shut. “Don't be.” I reply. “It's not your fault.” There is a long pause. “When are you going?” I ask.
    “Next week.”
    I swallow. Why did this have to happen? I ask myself.
    “I know it seems like kind of a rush, but Dad knows this guy there, and I overheard Dad talking on the phone to him, he was saying something about starting a business... I really have no clue what he means, and he hasn't spoken a word about it to me or Joe.”
    I don't reply. I just can't believe it. “Nancy, I am really sorry.” Frank continues. “I don't want to leave River Heights... I don't want to leave... you.”
    My eyes begin to burn with tears. “I don't want you or Joe to leave.” I breath. “I just want everything to stay the same.” A tear rolls down my cheek.
    “I know how you feel, Nance.” Frank replies softly. “I have to go. My dad and I have to talk to the school about some stuff.”
    I nod, making the tears fall faster. “Bye, Frank.” I say, my voice cracking. There is a pause.
    “Goodbye, Nancy. I'll see you soon, before we go.”
    I wait for him to hang up, then close the phone. I dry my eyes with the back of my hand. I just can't believe it. My two best friends are leaving.
    I set my phone down on the bed, and bury my face in the pillow. I feel so overwhelmed; why did this have to happen? I begin to sob, as tears pour from my eyes, soaking my pillow.

    * * *

    After a while, I sit up stiffly. I dry my eyes, and look out the window.
    It's starting to rain. The outdoors looks exactly how I feel. Cold, Wet, Lonely. I glance at my phone which gives me a fresh burst of sadness.
    I sigh, and look out the window, and up at the rainy sky. Right now, In my life, things are not looking good. Everything used to be perfect, but not anymore. I breath into my cold hands.
    Right now, my life looks like a sky of Rain Clouds.

    * * *

    A few days pass before I know it. I don't see Frank and Joe much, since they always seem to be busy with the move... That makes it even worse. On top of everything, I don't even get to see them before they go.
    Every day it rains, which makes me feel even more depressed. The day they leave comes faster than I expected. It's raining then, too.
    I stand outside the Hardy's house with Dad, after the moving trucks leave. Frank crams the last suitcase into the back of their SUV, and shuts the door. Joe steps out of the house, his hair is wet messy. A sick feeling waves over me. I never thought this day would come, when I had to say goodbye to Frank and Joe. All my life they've been like the brothers I've never had.
    Frank sighs. “Goodbye, Nancy.” He says, a sad expression on his face. “I am so sorry to have to go.”
    I hug him, and whisper, “Goodbye, Frank. I'll miss you.”
    I let go, and Frank forces a tight smile. “I'm sure we'll see each other soon.” He says. I nod, and that sick feeling returns.
    How soon? I wonder.
    Joe walks slowly over to me, avoiding eye-contact. I can tell is really upset about having to leave, even though he doesn't say so.
    I look up into his blue eyes, usually sparkling with excitement, but now gray and solemn.
    Before Joe can say anything, I wrap my arms around him in a hug. I feel him hug me back, and there is a moment of silence.
    “Joe,” I whisper. “Don't go.” My eyes sting, and I squeeze them shut before the tears can fall.
    “It's okay.” Joe replies. “I'll be back someday.”
    I feel as if my heart just fell to the ground. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding, and wipe away a tear straying from my wet eyes.
    “I miss you.” I whisper.
    “I'm not gone, yet.” Joe replies.
    “I know but... I miss you already.” I say.
    Joe gives my hand a quick squeeze, and whispers, “Ditto.”
    I step back, and dry my eyes with the back of my hand. Dad says goodbye to Joe and Frank and Mr and Mrs. Hardy. They all get into the car, and pull out of the driveway as dad and I begin to walk down the side of the road towards home.
    I turn around to wave to the Hardy's as their car disappears behind the bend. Before they are out of sight, I see Joe turn and, one last time, wave goodbye.

    * * *

    It's been four months since Frank and Joe left. The only communication we get is either by computer or phone. One day, I am talking to Frank on live chat through my laptop. The conversation goes like this:

    Me: Frank! How are you?

    Frank: Hey, Nancy! I'm pretty good, and yourself?

    Me: Not the best. I miss you and Joe SO much. :-(

    Frank: I miss you, too. And Joe looks depressed every time your name or River Heights is mentioned.

    Me: :'(

    Frank: How is everything over in Connecticut?

    Me: Boring. Very hot and dry summer. Weird, cause we had such a wet spring.

    Frank: Indeed. Bayport is right on Barmet Bay, so it's been rainy and lots of storms.

    Me: Fun.

    Frank: Yup.

    Me: Has Joe dropped out of school, yet?

    Frank: Nope. We both transferred to Bayport high, a public school.

    Me: Shucks, that stinks.

    Frank: Yes. Joe hates it.

    Me: And what do you think about it?

    Frank: It's okay.

    Me: So, pretty much, you hate it too.

    Frank: Yeah :/

    Me: Sorry to hear. So, what's the deal with with that whole 'Top Secret' thing you told me about?

    Frank: Oh, I really don't know. Look, I'd love to talk more, but I have to go, now. Bye

    Me: Okay, bye Frank! Tell Joe I said hi.

    Frank: I will. Ttyl! :)

    I thought that was really weird. It seems as soon as I mentioned that top secret thing. Is there something he's not telling me? Oh, Nancy, stop it. I tell myself. You have too much of the detective in you. I hear Hannah call me for dinner, so I close my laptop, and walk to the bathroom to wash my hands.

    “Nancy, is something wrong?” Hannah asks me, noticing that I have barely touched my food. I smile wryly. “I.... guess I'm just not very hungry.” I reply. I still can't get off my mind what Frank could be hiding from me.

    * * *

    Months pass. Soon, October is here. The weather is dry and sunny almost everyday. One day, I take Togo for a walk in the park. The trees all around River Heights are transforming into bright shades of red, orange, and yellow.
    As I stroll by the big maples, memories come flooding back to me. I wrap Togo's leash around my wrist, and sit down on one of the swings. I never thought life could be so lonely.
    I sigh, as I glance up at the trees, then at the empty swing beside me.
    I close my eyes. Togo nuzzles my shoes.
    Just then, I feel a light tapping on my shoulder. Like Joe does when we play tag. I eagerly whirl whirl around.
    No one is there. I rub my eyes, and turn back around.
    “I must be hallucinating....” I groan. A moment passes, and I feel the tapping, again. I take a deep breath, and turn around.
    My mouth drops open.
    “Joe!” I almost scream, jumping out of the swing, and crashing into him with a hug that almost sends him to the ground.
    “Nancy!” He exclaims, hugging me back.
    “I missed you so much!” I say, still trying to believe that this is the real Joe Hardy in my arms.
    “I missed you too, Nance.” He whispers.
    I let go, and notice Frank is here, too. “I missed you both sooo much.” I repeat, giving him a hug.
    He explains that they are only here for a few days. After we talk about the latest things that happened while they were gone, I decide to ask Frank about the whole 'Top Secret' ordeal.
    “Well, uhh...” Frank stammers.
    “Oh c'mon, Frank, don't be so anal.” Joe says, giving his brother a whack on the arm. “We can tell Nancy.”
    “But dad said-”
    “He doesn't mean it like that.” Joe interrupts Frank. “It's this organization... Well, not really and organization, more like a.... business?” Joe begins.
    “You don't know what your talking about.” Frank cuts in. “It's like an agency. Teen detectives slash secret agent group called ATAC; American Teens Against Crime.”
    “Ohh... So your dad told you not to tell anyone.” I conclude.
    “Right.” Joe answers. “Even mom doesn't know about it.”
    “Wow that is pretty top secret.” I comment.
    “And the most awesome part of it all is, we get to be agents!” Joe exclaims.
    “That's so cool!” I reply.
    “But of course we could tell a fellow detective like you.” Joe says, giving Frank a look.
    I laugh. “I'm not really a detective...” I trail off.
    Joe smiles. “You will be.”

    Another Year Passes:

    Joe was right. I am a detective. Not working for anyone, but solving cases privately. I am on my second case which I just happened to stumble upon.
    While going on a business trip with Dad to the mountains of Washington, I met up with ran into Frank and Joe, who are on a case for ATAC. They asked me to assist them with the case, and I gladly accepted.
    I am laying on the bed in my hotel room one morning at 7:00 when my cell phone starts to ring. I answer it and say,
    “Hi, Nance.” Comes Joe's tired voice.
    “Good morning, Joe.” I reply.
    “Did I wake you?” He asks.
    “No, I've been awake for a while.” I say.
    “Well, I was calling to ask you if you would like to meet up with Frank and I for breakfast and to talk about the case.” Joe lowers his voice to a whisper. “We got some news from ATAC, but I can't talk about it now.”
    “Okay, I understand. I would love to! Where do we meet?” I ask.
    “Frank says to meet us at the Blizzard Cafe on Main street. What time can you be there?”
    “Ten minutes?” I suggest.
    “Sounds good. See you then.”
    “Bye.” I say, and hang up.
    I wonder what the news from ATAC is?

    * * *

    “Okay; what's the deal?” I ask eagerly, taking a seat in one of the chairs at a small, round table towards the back of the Blizzard Cafe.
    Frank and Joe sit down, and Frank begins, “This morning, I got a call from ATAC about the case. They have a tip that the thieves are going to strike tonight at a Mountain Resort secluded in the mountains. The place is closed this time of year. We have to go on a stakeout there tonight.” Frank tells me. “Care to join us?”
    I smile. “You bet!”

    * * *

    “Joe, if you turn that flashlight on one more time....” Frank's irritated voice comes from behind me.
    “Whatever! You worry too much, old man.” Joe says. I can tell he is rolling his eyes, although I can barely see two feet in front of me.
    “I just don't want us to get caught.” Frank replies.
    We are currently walking to the Mountain Resort place, and it has been a long, annoying trek through the dense woods.
    “It's so stupid to be walking through a pitch black forest in the middle of the night.” Joe complains.
    Suddenly, there is a high-pitched screeching noise above us. Joe stops short, causing me to crash into him.
    “What was that?” He asks in a whisper.
    “Joe?” I begin.
    “It's an owl.”
    “Come on,” Frank says, snapping on his flashlight, and walking ahead of us.
    “Hypocrite.” Joe mutters.

    Soon, we reach the resort, which appears to have no security cameras; no wonder the burglars are going to strike here.
    Frank hands me a three-way walkie-talkie, and tells me where my post is. He orders Joe to hide behind the tool shed, and I make my way to a large, old tree. I slip behind it's massive trunk, and lean back. I turn on the walkie-talkie and wait.
    “Testing,” Joe's voice crackles through the speaker.
    “Frank, are you there? Over.” I ask.
    “Yeah, I'm here. Over.” Frank replies. “Joe try to keep your voice down. Over.” He tells his younger brother.
    “Okay,” Joe says casually. “You don't have to be so worried; This'll be a piece of cake.”
    “Just don't talk unless you have to. Over and out.” Frank replies. I can just imagine Joe rolling his eyes.
    A moment passes. I notice a shadow moving through the trees, and hold my breath.
    “I see someone in the woods over here. Over.” I whisper hoarsely into the walkie-talkie.
    “That's me. Over.” Joe says.
    “Joe, get back to your post, now.” Frank tells him.
    “Whatever, bro.” Joe mutters. “Stop worrying about me. Over.”
    “Just get back to your post. Over and out.”
    Ten minutes steadily pass. I check my watch. 1:46 A.M. I yawn.
    “Culprit alert.” Joe whispers over static. “Two dark figures approaching the back of the main building. Stay alert and out of sight. Over and out.” I peer out from behind the tree to see two shapes moving across the lawn.
    “I'm gonna follow them; over.” Joe says.
    “Don't be seen. Over.” Frank reminds him.
    “Okie dokie. Over and out.”
    I watch carefully, and see the two figures disappear around the other side of the main building. A moment later, another figure follows who I am guessing is Joe. He looks around, and continues following them.
    “Joe, don't get to close; over.” Frank warns in a whisper.
    “I know.” Joe whispers back.
    I see the shadows come around the front side of the building, and one rattles the doorknob.
    “I'm going in closer; over.” I say, putting up the hood of my sweater.
    “Go for it; but, be careful. Over and out.” Frank replies.
    I tip-toe away from the covering of the forest, and into the shadows of the main building.
    “Joe, don't move.” I whisper, walking up from behind him.
    “Oh, Nancy, it's just you.” He sighs.
    “Yup, just me, no need to be scared.” I reply, hiding a grin.
    “I wasn't scared,” Joe retorts.
    I lead the way over to the front of the building, where the two figures are doing something to the front door. I crouch behind a convenient stack of crates, and wait.
    “Hurry up,” One of the men groan. “It'll be morning by the time you get the door open.”
    “Shut up, okay?” The other man says.
    I peer out from behind the crates, to see the front door swing open. Before the two men can step inside, my foot begins to slip, and I start to fall forward...
    A strong hand clasps around my arm, and pulls me back behind the wooden crates.
    “Thank you.” I whisper, sinking to the ground.
    “No prob.” Joe replies, smiling.
    “Did you hear something?” One of the men ask.
    “...No.” The other replies. They are about to go inside, when I hear the first man say:
    “I am positive I heard something.”
    There is a pause. “Someone's onto us.” The second man whispers. I gulp, and get into quick escape mode.
    “Get out of there.” Frank says over the walkie-talkie. “Get out of there, now.”
    I spring to my feet, and start to run. I hear Joe do the same, and the two men chase after us.
    I run faster. Joe comes in front of me, then something grabs my ankle, and I fall to the ground.
    “Gotcha,” The man growls, squeezing my wrists together.
    “Joe! Help me!” I cry. I look around in the darkness, but Joe is nowhere in sight.
    Just then, I look up to see another man, pointing a gun at me.
    I swallow, not knowing what to do. Panic strikes my heart. I look up, and see Joe approaching the man from behind him.
    In a split second, Joe twists the gun out of the man's grasp, and points it back at him.
    The man who is holding my hands together suddenly pulls out a knife, and holds it an inch away from my throat.
    “Hand over the gun,” He orders Joe. “Or she's dead.” I swallow, and try to keep my gaze away from the sharp blade.
    Joe puts the gun to his side, and takes a step forward. He pulls out his walkie-talkie and says,
    “Are you on that?”
    “Oh yeah.” Frank replies.
    “Enough of your games.” The man mutters, tightening his grip on the knife.
    “See ya at the police station.” I hear Frank say from behind me.
    The man with the knife sinks to the ground. The other man tries to run, but Joe stops him.
    “I wouldn't run, if I were you.” He says, looking from the man to the gun in his hand.
    Frank snaps his cell phone shut, and a minute later, I hear police sirens wailing in the distance.

    * * *

    “That was awesome.” Joe says the next morning, when we returned to River Heights.
    After traveling all night, Frank and Joe decided to stay the night here, instead of going straight to Bayport. We never got to really talk about the mystery, so while Dad is working in his office, we talk over breakfast.
    “I don't know if I would call it awesome, Joe.” Frank replies.
    “It was. You had a blast, and you know it.” Joe remarks, pouring coffee into three mugs. Frank rolls his eyes.
    “Thank you again for saving my life, both of you.” I say. Frank smiles.
    “All in a day's work.” Joe replies, setting a steaming cup of coffee in front of me.
    I take a sip, and cringe at the sweetness. Frank tastes his, and makes a face.
    “What?” Joe asks.
    “You'll never cease to love sugar, huh, Joe?” Frank replies.
    “That must be why he's so sweet.” I say. Joe blushes.
    Just then, Frank's cell phone begins to ring. He sees who is calling, and gets up from the table. “Sorry; I have to take this call.” He apologizes, and leaves the room.
    “This could take a while.” Joe remarks. “Frank tends to make conversations longer than they need to be.”
    “Let's go outside,” I suggest. Joe follows me to the door, and we step out into the chill morning breeze.
    We walk in silence for a few moments, and soon, we find ourselves at the park.
    I take a deep breath of the cool spring air, as I look up at the tall maples.
    “When do you and Frank have to leave?” I wonder out loud.
    “Frank told me we have to go at noon.” Joe sighs.
    “I'll miss you,” I say, my hand finding it's way to Joe's.
    “Nancy,” He begins.
    “Yes?” I reply.
    “I want you to know that.... all my life you have been my best friend.” He replies.
    “Oh, Joe,” I smile, wrapping him in a hug. “You've always been my best friend, too. The day you moved away was the worst day of my life.” I reply.
    “Me too.” Joe whispers. "And I know we'll be working on a lot of cases together."
    “Thank you,” I say, letting go.
    “For what?”
    “Everything.” I reply. “Your the best.”
    “That's what they tell me” Joe says with a grin. I laugh, and elbow him playfully.
    Joe taps me lightly on th shoulder, and with a mischievous smile, he says:

    “Tag, your it!”



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