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    ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene


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    ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

    Post  Carolyn_Keene on Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:33 am

    Chapter One


    My feet touched down on the rough dirt, giving a bit of a crunch under my feet, I brushed the few strands of hair that had fallen out of my pony tail off my face, letting the wind whip it away from my face. I glanced back at the Hurley’s Comet. Joe and Frank were gonna hate me taking off with them. But I really had no choice, Lori was stubborn on me not telling anyone. I groaned and stepped down with my other foot, I was overreacting, Joe was just gonna whine when he found out I saw the mine first, that’s all.

    I let go of the train walking towards the rocks, it was eerily silent. Kinda unnerving actually. I rolled my eyes I was so overreacting to everything. Suddenly my silence was shattered, the steam engine behind me began to move. I whipped around, my strawberry blonde ponytail hitting me in the face. I stood there blinking as the train pulled out.

    “Joe’ll make it come back.” I nodded to myself. Joe wouldn’t leave me out here, he just wouldn’t. He was a better friend than that, he was, well he was my big brother. I rolled my eyes. I was older than the boy but he insisted on calling me ‘Lil Sis’ don’t ask me to explain Joe Hardy, I couldn’t do it.

    He was a freak of nature, that was one way of putting it, but mostly he was my best friend, between him and Frank I was always covered, which is why the fact the train pulling off didn’t unnerve me terribly. They’d make sure it came back for me. Even if they had to knock out the conductor. I gave a grin at that mental image.

    I rounded the stone corner and froze, I was facing a huge rock slide, I slowly walked over to the rocks, they were giant, if I dislodged even one of them they’d all crumble down, probably crushing me in the process. Great.

    “Okay just think it out Nan,” I spoke aloud, I turned around looking, suddenly my eyes landed on an old cannon, “No, way,” I said grinning as I walked over to it, running my fingers over the metal. This thing was old, like mega old.

    “Think you can handle this?” I asked the cannon as I flipped the top off the sun instantly baked down on the cannon, I backed away, hiding behind a rock just in case something went wrong.


    Despite the fact I was probably partially deaf, the cannon hadn’t blown up, I leaned around the bolder I was using as a shield, the rocks were gone, leaving a hole for me to crawl through. I grinned as I came around to the hole, crawling through it, the temperature instantly dropped, leaving me rubbing my arms against the cold.

    I pulled my cell phone out, using it as a flashlight. I didn’t like not seeing where I was going, but going back to the Hurley’s Comet was out of the question now, so I strained my eyes against the dim light. The tunnel kept narrowing, I kept having to duck my head for parts, then I’d nearly have to shimmy along sideways to be able to continue. This wasn’t fun.

    Finally the tunnel widened out, light filtered down from holes in the roof, I couldn’t be far underground now. Just ahead of me were large old boards holding up the ceiling.

    “That can’t be safe,” I muttered, as I slowly slid around one of the boards, I put my cell phone with its ailing battery back into my pocket. I started looking around the large opening, when my eyes landed on something on the floor, I slowly walked over, leaning around an old mind cart. What I saw pulled a scream out of my mouth, as I jerked back, I placed a hand on my chest as I stared at the ghostly white skeleton laying in front of me.

    “Jake Hurley,” I sighed, “Well at least I know what happened to you,” I blinked, there was a yellowed piece of paper grasped in his fingers. I paused slowly leaning closer to Jake’s body, I reached out with a very tentative hand, pulling the paper from the skeleton, it was an envelope, I slowly opened the old letter pulling it out.

    “Abraham Lincoln?” I breathed, “Wow… This letter has to be worth a…lot,”

    “That’s just what I thought too!!” I spun around at the high pitch voice, Lori Girard, she was standing there in all of her, well pink glory.

    “Lori?” I asked, “What’re you doing here? Did you know about this letter?” Lori grinned at me like I was the stupidest thing on earth, she even rolled her eyes.

    “What I didn’t tell you when I gave you that letter that Jake wrote to Ruth, is that I also found his diary!” she said like it was something scandalous to read someone else’s diary, even though Jake was dead behind me. Lori giggled a little before continuing.

    “His diary told that he’d became friends with President Lincoln, and that he’d gotten a letter from his friend ‘Abe’,” at this point Lori did air quotes around the word, “And he knew the letter would be so valuable someday he always kept it on his person! Can I have it?” I blinked at how random that was.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Can I have the letter, please? I mean I did invite you on the train, I did bring you all this way, I did let you have everything you needed,” Lori said.

    “I’m not sure,” I said slowly.

    “Pretty please?” Lori asked, she sounded like a toddler

    “Okay…” I said slowly handing the letter over to Lori who squealed and bounced a little, hugging the letter to her chest like it was a long lost friend.

    “See! I knew it!! If we could just find Jake’s mine I knew we’d find his body and then we’d find the letter! Amy! Amy I’m gonna actually be famous for a good thing!!” Lori bounced. She really looked hyperactive.

    “Lori if I could just, have it back,” I reached for the letter but Lori jumped back hugging the letter again.

    “No!” she said, “Don’t get grabby,” she scolded me then she seemed to be stuck with an idea, her eyes widened and she grinned brightly, “Do you know how famous I would be if I could tell everyone I found this letter? I mean all by myself I found it!”

    “But you didn’t.” I said reaching for the letter again.

    “But what if I could say I did!” Lori grinned brightly she gasped, “I’d be super-duper famous then!” she grinned more, “Oh…my…gosh! What if there was like, this cave-in here! And I’d like try to save you, but you were stupid and you did something stupid, and it was all I could do to save poor defenseless me!”

    “I don’t like where this train of thought is going,” I said slowly.

    “I’m sorry Nancy, but if you were me you’d realize I have to do this!” Lori said.

    “You have to kill me?!” I snapped.

    “Well…Not kill, you’re just gonna be trapped,” Lori said.

    “Until I starve to death! Like Jake!!” I said.

    “Oh…” Lori said, “Well that’s just a consequence I guess, but Nancy this is gonna help me so much!”

    “It’s not gonna help me!” I said.

    “I’m sorry Nancy I just have to,” Lori said.

    “Lori!” I yelled but she was already retreating down the tunnel, she turned and gave a small wave to me with her fingers before kicking one of the large timbers that held the roof up. My eye widened as I ran for the opening but it was too late the roof was shaking, rocks already starting to fall into the opening

    I screamed, throwing up my hands as I was pelting with small rocks, that slowly got larger. Finally I felt a harsh pain on my head, I groaned putting my hand on my head swaying, as more rocks pelted me, knocking me to the ground, I vaguely felt more rocks hitting my body, but I couldn’t hang onto consciousness, I felt my eyes close as the sounds faded from me, and I lost consciousness.

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    Re: ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

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    Chapter Two


    I felt a soft rocking, back and forth, it was almost rhythmic, very soothing for sure. I didn’t want to open my eyes, it felt good, I was warm under a blanket, the soft folds cocooning me.

    “Nancy?” I heard a voice say, but I ignored it, I was far too comfortable. I snuggled down deeper in the blanket, enjoying the soft rocking.

    “Nancy?” I heard the male voice say again, then I felt a hand on my shoulder. My eyes flew open with a yelp as I looked at the blonde boy leaning over me, I instantly scrambled to the side of my bed leaning against a firm wall holding the blanket to my chest.

    “Who the *FIRE AAHHHHHHHH* are you?!” I demanded. The boy blinked green eyes at me putting his hands up, he swished his head to the side to knock his bangs out of his eyes, but they instantly fell back into his face.

    “Nancy, c’mon it’s me,” The boy said slowly, “What’s wrong with you?” I shook my head, searching my memories for the boy, it was then I realized there was a dense fog in my head, something blocking my memories.

    “What did you do to me?” I asked in a whisper, glaring harshly at the teen in front of me, his green eyes blinking back at me.

    “Nothing,” He said. I shook my head.

    “I need to get out of here.” I said shoving the blanket away from me as I stood up, finding my legs shaky underneath me.

    “Nancy, c’mon, it’s me, Joe Hardy?” the boy, Joe, said.

    “I don’t know a Joe Hardy,” I hissed, my eyes darting around the darkened room, my heart was racing ninety miles an hour and I could feel the rush of adrenaline in my veins as my heart beat it through my system.

    “You don’t know me?” Joe asked then chuckled, “Funny Lil Sis, I get it, little conk on the head, and you play the joke, so over used, c’mon,” he laughed at me.

    “I said I don’t know who you are!” I snapped at Joe, my eyes landed on the door on the far end of the room, I glanced back to Joe, he was muscular, strong legs, he probably could beat me to the door, even if I sprinted. My hands clenched at my side, nails digging into my skin.

    “Nancy c’mon,” Joe said rolling his eyes. I took the moment to bolt, I ran for the door at the far end, my bare feet hitting the hard wood, stinging the balls of my feet, but I managed to make it to the door first. I yanked it open, the motion beneath me knocking me foreword, I grabbed the railing, my eyes widened as I looked at my surroundings, I was moving, really moving. I was on a train.

    “Geez! You’re gonna get yourself killed!” I felt a strong arm grasp my wrist pulling me back inside the train’s car. I instantly jerked my wrist from Joe.

    “Keep your paws off me!” I snapped. Joe blinked at me.

    “You’re not joking,” Joe said slowly, like a light bulb was going off over his head.

    “About what?” I asked.

    “That you don’t know me,”

    “Ding, ding, ding, give the man a prize, he’s won an all inclusive paid trip to obvious land.” I said.

    “Snarky,” Joe said, looking me over, “Okay just sit I’ll be right back, don’t run off.” He looked into my eyes, I felt the distinct urge to slap him.

    “Fine,” I said going and sitting on the bed that had been a sanctuary moments before now seemed like a prison.

    “Good,” Joe said disappearing out the door. I muttered under my breath. But I couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of freaky poison that Joe character had given me. My mind felt like it was in a fog, I had a bit of a headache, and I was sore as all get out.

    The worst part is I didn’t know who I was. It was actually rather terrifying. I kept trying to force the fog to part, to let me through, to let me, well, see. Something, anything. I was trying to push the panic aside, it was only hindering me. I closed my eyes. Focusing on small things. Like my name.

    “Nancy,” I said the word escaping my lips, I reached up and touched them, my face felt like a stranger even to myself, I slowly stood up again walking over to a large china hutch that held creepy looking dolls, but my eyes didn’t focus on that, instead they focused on the reflection in the glass.

    The girl staring back at me was a stranger, she had pale red hair that fell in soft waves, all the way to her mid back, well admittedly parts of it were dirty and some was even messed up like I had been running a marathon, the girl staring at me had thick bangs that brushed her eyebrows, I reached up to smooth my bangs down getting rid of the few tangles. A vast majority of my hair had once been pulled back in a half ponytail, but at the moment it looked like more than half of it had been pulled out, or was barely hanging on. I reached up and pulled the rest of the band out of my hair, shaking it out. I finger combed my hair as I focused on my face, my eyes were a soft gray that reflected back at me. My face has various scratches, and light bruises, what had happened to me?

    “Well… Nancy…Kaylen Drew,” I whispered the words flowing despite being unable to actually remember them, “Looks like we’re in a heap of trouble.” I sighed watching the face in the mirror sigh back at me.

    At that moment the door opened again, the teen, Joe, yeah that was it Joe, walked back in, he had a brown haired boy with him, the teen had longer hair than his brother, it brushed the collar of his shirt, he even had half of it pulled back in a small short ponytail, but what stood out were his bright blue eyes. He was actually kinda cute.

    “Nan?” The teen spoke to me, I paused the nodded.

    “I think,” I said, I shoved my fingers into the front pockets of my jeans. The teen grinned reassuringly at me. Yup. He was cute. The teen walked over to me.

    “My brother scared the living daylights out of you, didn’t he?” he asked. I glanced at Joe, who shrugged.

    “I don’t think he meant to,” I said slowly, I glanced between the brothers, I didn’t see the family resemblance. Guess they both had the same cheekbones.

    “Probably not he’s a bit of a bonehead,” Frank said. I giggled.

    “You’re cute,” I finally said. Frank blinked at me.

    “Uhh…thanks?” he said slowly, looking at me like I’d completely lost it.

    “What?” I asked, “It’s true,” I saw Joe snickering behind his brother, trying to cover it up by finding the dolls very interesting.

    “Yeah, about that Nancy,” Frank said.

    “What? Are we already dating?” I asked. I heard Joe laugh again, trying to cough as his brother glared at him.

    “Not so much,” Frank said, “Listen lets move onto other things,”

    “Why aren’t we dating?” I asked, “I mean we’d be kinda cute as a couple, and I mean I’m not married,” I held up my left hand.

    “Err…No.” Frank said rubbing the back of his neck.

    “Oh. You’re married,” I said trying to look at Frank’s left hand, but he was rubbing the back of his neck with it, huh, he was left-handed.

    “No!” Frank said instantly.

    “Then there’s no problem,” I said.

    “Okay, yeah, no,” Frank said.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Let’s get your memory back, we’ll talk then,” Frank said. I shrugged.

    “M’kay,” I said, shrugging as I tightened my half bow behind my head. I noticed Frank shooting Joe a glare and Joe just grinning in return, making kissing faces. I couldn’t help but giggle.

    “Okay so you two have a job,” I said.

    “We do?” Joe spoke up.

    “Yo, you two,” A black haired man leaned into the room, “I need you two doofuses.” He said. Joe and Frank exchanged a glance but finally they both shrugged.

    “You stay here,” Joe told me. I nodded, watching the brothers leave me alone again. I guess I should’ve been scared by the fact that I couldn’t even really remember my own name. But for some reason, it just didn’t bother me. It was like I was used to stressful things happening to me.

    I jumped as I heard a phone ring, I blinked before realizing it was my own, I patted down my pockets, finding a lump in my front pocket, I pulled out a slim lined phone, pressing the accept button.

    “Hello?” I answered.

    “Hey Nancy,” I heard a male voice.

    “Hi,” I said.

    “So how’s the case going?” the voice asked me.

    “Case?” I said slowly.

    “Sure, case, the missing treasure,” the voice said pausing, “What’re playing at?”

    “Who is this?” I asked.

    “Ned, your boyfriend,” the voice said.

    “Boyfriend?”I blinked.

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    Re: ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

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    Chapter Three


    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said slowly.

    “Nancy what kind of game are you playing?” Ned asked me.

    “I told you, I don’t know who you are!” I snapped into the phone.

    “Okay, calm down,” Ned said, “What happened?” he asked.

    “I-I don’t know…” I said softly. This random stranger on the phone was claiming to be my boyfriend. How creepy can you get? Yet for some reason I felt this compelling part of me want to tell him everything I knew, which wasn’t much at the moment.

    “Are you with the Hardy’s?” Ned asked, “Joe and Frank,” he clarified.

    “They went out to talk,” I said.

    “Okay, good so they’re there with you though,” Ned said, his voice sounded calm, but instinctively I knew he wasn’t. I slowly sat down again on the makeshift bed I’d been laying on before.

    “Yeah, yeah they are…” I said biting my lip.

    “Listen, do you know where you are?” Ned asked, “I’ll come find you,”

    “I don’t know,” I whispered, I found myself craving…a feeling, something I didn’t recognize. At that time the door opened and Joe came in he paused seeing me holding my cell phone.

    “Nancy who is that?” he asked cautiously coming over to me.

    “Ned,” I said, “Right?” I asked, there was a pause then.

    “Yeah, I’m Ned,” Ned said.

    “Yeah, it’s Ned,” I said.

    “Can I talk to Ned?” Joe asked holding his hand out for the phone. I paused then held the phone out to Joe.

    “Ned,” Joe said, “It’s okay,” he said quickly walking for the door again, leaving me alone again, I pulled my legs up against my chest, hugging them there. I felt so alone, I tried to think back over my past, trying to recall anything. Ned had said he was my boyfriend, but I couldn’t even remember anything about him…

    I stood up, wincing a little feeling a pain in my leg. Undoubtedly from whatever had caused me to lose my memory. Adrenalin had kept me from feeling it before I was sure. I still didn’t know what to do. It was strange, with Frank and Joe, the fact that I didn’t remember them didn’t bother me, I mean Frank was even cute. Really cute.

    But then with that phone call I felt bad that I couldn’t remember Ned. He sounded nice enough… I looked to the door, I couldn’t help but wonder what the phone call on the other side of the door sounded like.


    I closed the door to the caboose behind me, leaning against the railing that separated me from the ground whizzing beneath me.

    “What the *FIRE AAHHHHHHHH* is going on?!” Ned demanded instantly.

    “I don’t know,” I said, “Frank and I realized Nancy’d left the train,” I said recalling back to what seemed like forever ago, even though it had only been a few hours, “So we talked the driver into going back, which is not as easy as it sounds-“

    “Joe.” Ned said, clearly he wasn’t in the mood for more than the exact details.

    “Touchy,” I said and I got a scoff back over the phone, “When we got off the train we found an abandoned mine, we went in and we found a collapsed part of the mine…” I paused unsure how Ned would take the news, “She was buried,”

    “Oh my god…” Ned whispered.

    “We got her out and to the train, we’re heading for the nearest town with a hospital now,” I said, “But she’s…she seems to have forgotten everything, So there, that’s the cliff notes version,” there was silence on the other side of the phone.

    “I want the name of the town.” Ned said instantly.

    “Ned c’mon, what possible help could you be?” I asked, “Frank and I have it covered,”

    “Do I sound like I care?” Ned asked me seriously. Really he didn’t sound like he cared if the world was on fire. Come heck or high water he was gonna get to Lil Sis.

    “I don’t know the name of the town,” I said.

    “Then find out.” Ned said lowly.

    “Yes, I will snap my fingers and magically find out, c’mon Ned be realistic, besides you probably won’t be able to get a flight down there until after we leave, Frank and I have her in our care, we won’t let her out of our sight,” I said. There was a pause on the other side of the phone.

    “I want the name of the town.” Ned finally said.

    “My word can you get more stubborn?” I asked.

    “You haven’t seen stubborn yet.” Ned said. I looked down to see my converse had come untied, I bent down to tie it as I answered

    “No probably not, of course to date Nancy you’ve gotta be stubborn,” I said, “But listen,” I said standing back up, “Nancy doesn’t remember you, all you being here will do is make her feel more miserable. Frank and I will take care of her, give us a chance.”

    “You let her get hurt in the first place,” Ned said.

    “Oh yes, because we dropped rocks on her head!” I said rolling my eyes, “C’mon,” Ned sighed.

    “You call me when you get the name of the town.” Ned said.

    “Text?” I offered.

    “Call!” Ned snapped back.

    “Okay, dude, chill.” I said, “I will call you when I find out what the name of the town is. But think about Nancy, okay? How is she gonna feel if you show up and you’re all crazy over-protective and she can’t remember you?”

    “How do you know I won’t help her get her memory back?” Ned countered. I rolled my eyes. There was no getting through to Ned. I hadn’t dealt much with him before, but I had to say, the guy was stubborn as all get out.

    “Listen we’re not getting anywhere like this, and Nancy’s sitting in the caboose, alone, the longer you keep me on the phone the longer she’ll be alone,” I said.

    “Where’s Frank?” Ned asked.

    “Running errand-boy missions for Tino Balducci,” I said, “Long story,” Ned finally sighed.

    “Okay,” he said, “Okay, just…go be with her…” he sighed again.

    “I will call you, I don’t even know if the town is gonna have a airport Ned, okay? Just stay calm,” I said, I hung up the phone shaking my head. How did Nancy deal with him?

    I walked back into the caboose to see Nancy rubbing at her leg.

    “You okay?” I asked her.


    The pain in my leg wouldn’t go away, I’d pulled up my jeans to see I had a deepening black spot, figures, I couldn’t just lose my memory, no, I had to get beat up in the process. But what had happened to me? I rubbed at the spot on my leg again as the door opened.

    “You okay?” I looked up to see Joe standing there with my cell phone in his hand.

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, “But…I mean what happened?” I asked.

    “What?” Joe asked, blinking, “Ned just went crazy, that’s all,” he said. I shook my head, looking back down at my leg, it was strange for me to even think like this.

    “No I mean…to me…” I whispered, glancing up, looking at Joe through my bangs.

    “Oh…” Joe said, he walked over closer to me, taking a seat on a box across from me, “I see what you mean,” he sighed, he looked at his fingers, inspecting them for a moment before looking at me.

    “Basics are you’re a girl who has a knack for getting herself into trouble,” Joe said with a wry grin, “No matter what you try you always end up in mortal peril. You also have a habit of getting dropped into the middle of a mystery, you’re actually getting a bit famous for it,” he paused watching me.

    I nodded slowly, trying to get him to continue, I hoped that maybe this would bring back my memory, maybe it’d trigger something hearing about what had happened to me. But so far the fog held thick in my brain, keeping me hostage from my own memories.

    “Which is kinda why you’re here, see our host, Lori Girard invited you here under the pretence of a ghost chase, but really she wanted your mystery solving epic-ness,” Joe said, giving me a grin, “She wanted you to find Jake’s mine, which I’m assuming you did, ‘cause Frank and I found you in mine,”

    “You didn’t come with me?” I asked.

    “No, you forgot to include us,” Joe said with a grin at me.

    “Oh, sorry about that,” I said.

    “No you’re not,” Joe said, “You like keeping things to yourself,”

    “Oh, then I guess I retract it,” I said slowly. Joe laughed at me.

    “That’s more Nancy,” he said. I grinned a little, I didn’t know what exactly was ‘Nancy’ since I felt foreign foreign even in my own body, it wasn’t fun.

    “Okay then,” I said with a weak grin.

    “But anyway,” Joe said, “Frank and I dug you out, brought you here, you’ve been unconscious until just recently. Right now we’re heading off to the nearest town with a hospital, we’re gonna get you help,”

    I nodded slowly, trying to absorb things.

    “You and I were close,” I said.

    “Brother and sister,” Joe grinned at me, “Well not for real, I’ve just claimed you as a sister, you have no choice but to have me as a brother,” I grinned back a little.

    “Well then, thanks brother,” I said, reaching up and pulling my half ponytail down, shaking my hair out. Joe watched me with a half grin.

    “Any time,” he said, “Though I do have a question for you,”

    “I’ll see if I can remember the answer,” I said.

    “Why did you forget me? I can see forgetting Frank, I mean he is really forgettable, but me?” Joe asked, grinning at me. I giggled shaking my head.

    “Guess you’re more forgettable than you think, besides I’d rather forget you than your brother, he’s cute,” I said.

    “Oh, you have got to stop that before I gag,” Joe said. I grinned, I was starting to feel better, not normal, but better.

    “He is,” I said.

    “You’re dating someone,” Joe said. I thought back to my phone call with Ned, that longing I had felt, I still couldn’t figure out what I longed for when I spoke to him, but it was something, something different than the fact Frank was hot.

    “Could always be changed,” I said with a grin.

    “Doubt you’d want to,” Joe said.

    “Possibly,” I said.

    “Mandy! You’re alright!” I jumped as the door to the caboose burst open, a tall blonde came in, she had a voice that was high pitched and squeaky, kinda like fingernails on a chalkboard. She had blonde hair that was cropped to her chin that was half covered by a white hat, her bright blue eyes shone at me with a bright grin. She strode over to me in her white heeled boots, taking my hands in hers.

    “I heard you lost your mind! Natalie I’m so sorry!” she said. Was it just me or had she just called me two different names in the span of thirty seconds?

    “She didn’t lose her mind Lori,” Joe said, sounding irritated. So this was Lori Girard. I felt a tug, like there was something I should be remembering about her, something important, something that almost felt life or death… Guess that was another thing I was prone to, over reacting.

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    Re: ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

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    Chapter Four


    “Oh, right,” Lori said with a giggle, “I’m sorry, I guess that was stupid to say,” she dropped my hands, grinning at me, a hugely fake grin, which I returned with a fake grin of my own.

    “It’s fine,” I said, “Is there something you needed?” I asked.

    “I just wanted to know if the horrible rumors were true,” Lori said, she was acting like this was Broadway and she was putting on the show of her life, only she was the world’s worst actor that couldn’t figure out that line between ‘acting’ and being ‘overdramatic’.

    “Fraid so,” I said.

    “That’s horrible!” Lori said instantly, “Or Natalie I’m so sorry!!”

    “It’s okay,” I said, behind Lori I could see Joe holding up his hands like he was gonna strangle Lori, I couldn’t help but grin a little.

    “Something funny?” Lroi blinked at me.

    “Oh, no,” I shook my head, “Just not much else to do,”

    “So what do you remember?” Lori asked, pushing Joe off his box to sit on it herself.

    “My name,” I said.

    “Oh my dear! That’s horrible!” Lori said with a gasp, “Well you listen, if you need anything, and I mean anything, you come talk to me,”

    “Got it,” I grinned a little, nodding.

    “Good,” Lori stood up, “Very good,” she grinned quickly turning and heading out.

    Joe shook his head sitting back down on his box.

    “I do not like her,” Joe said.

    “She’s…interesting?” I said slowly.

    “That’s putting it mildly,” Joe chuckled. The conversation lapsed into an awkward silence, I looked down at my hands, my nails looked like they’d all been ripped off to the cuticles, lord knows what I did with them…

    “So,” I spoke up slowly, “Just…tell me about…me?” I asked, it felt so odd to say, I couldn’t look up from my fingers, the fact that I knew nothing about myself, “I mean you told me about how you found me, and that I’m kinda a detective of sorts, and like, what happened recently,” I was rambling now but I couldn’t stop the words, “So I guess I just wanted more information about who I am who I really am,”

    “Got it,” Joe said, speaking up as I took a breath, “Well, you live in a town called River Heights, like I said you’ve got a knack for getting into trouble, and solving mysteries, but overall? You’re a fun girl who enjoys having fun, but no matter how hard you try to just have fun, you wind up solving a mystery without even wanting to,” I grinned a little.

    The caboose door opened again at that time and Frank walked in, I grinned a little. Okay so I might be dating that Ned guy, but Frank was eye candy. There’s nothing wrong with eye candy? That’s not cheating. Of course if my memories didn’t come back, there was no way I’d ever be able to stay with Ned as I was now.

    “Hey,” Frank said walking over slowly, “Sorry about that Tino’s…Tino.” I didn’t understand what he meant by that but I nodded anyway.

    “I’m trying to fill Nancy in on, well, herself,” Joe said.

    “Apparently I have a knack for trouble,” I said.

    “Putting it mildly,” Frank said, “Last case? You got stabbed, nearly died on us, it wasn’t a fun time,”

    “I got kidnapped and shot, it was great,” Joe said. I blinked at Joe, I couldn’t understand how being kidnapped and shot could equal great, but I really didn’t know what to say in return.

    “But despite whatever my brother said to you,” Frank said, “Nancy Drew is a girl who doesn’t let anything stop her, she gets things done, no matter what stands in her way, even if it is amnesia,” he grinned at me. I giggled a stupid childish school-girl giggle that said ‘Hi, I have a huge crush on you, like, O-M-G.’ I felt a hot blush rise to my cheeks so I went back to inspecting my nails, or lack thereof.

    “And before you know it,” Joe spoke up, “You’ll be back to the kick butt girl we all know and love,” I nodded. The two brothers were trying to help me out, I got that, they were trying to make me smile, which they kinda did, but they weren’t giving me what I wanted, I mean, who were my parents? What about best friends? What about my life? Without thinking I gave a small sigh.

    “You okay, Lil Sis?” Joe asked me. I jerked my head back up to Joe.

    “I’m fine,” I said nodding, “Just…tired,” I lied, I’d never felt more awake in my life, well…probably never felt more awake in my life, I couldn’t remember my life at the moment.

    “You get some rest,” Frank said, “We’ll go talk to the others and see if maybe they know something about what happened, okay?” I nodded.

    “Sounds like a plan,” I said.

    “Good,” Joe put my cell phone on the couch beside me, “I’m speed dial four if you need me,” he said. I nodded, but I couldn’t help but wonder who the other speed dials went to, but I laid down on the makeshift bed, just to make Joe and Frank feel better. I sighed, closing my eyes as I listened to the two brothers walking away.

    I dozed off and on, more off than on. I kept tossing and turning, I felt so alone, so cold… It wasn’t that I was actually cold, I was snug and warm in my blankets, but I felt cold because I couldn’t just get my mind wrapped around all of this.

    Why me?

    I couldn’t stop feeling like it had all been my fault, like I should’ve done something different to stop all of this. It sure seemed like I had a good life, a really good life, and now I was alone…

    “Hey, Nancy, wake up,” the words were quiet, I slowly blinked open my eyes to see Joe standing over me.

    “Go away,” I mumbled rolling over, my body protested it with various aches and pain causing me to wince. I guess that’s what happens when you get pelted with rocks.

    “Wish I could, but we’re here,” Joe said, I could hear him chuckling. I groaned, slowly rolling back over onto my back, I sighed.

    “Where is here exactly?” I asked, rubbing at my eyes.

    “I don’t know the name of the town,” Joe said, “But there’s a hospital here,”

    “Great,” I said, I pushed my blanket off of me standing up, instantly I realized the rhythmic rocking that made it hard to stand had stopped.

    “Oh, and I called Ned and told him the name of the town while you were out,” Joe said. I paused.

    “Why?” I asked slowly.

    “Because he yelled at me, and trust me, don’t get between you and Ned,” Joe grinned a little, “He gets a little mental,”

    I nodded slowly, even though I didn’t really get it.

    “He’s flying out,” Joe said, “Probably be here sometime tonight,” I nodded again.

    “Gotcha,” I said, “Let’s just go,” I sighed, Joe grinned reassuringly at me, as he headed for the door. I slowly followed behind, I could feel something in the pit of my stomach like I was anxious for something.

    As Joe opened the door to the train car the bright sun hit me, I winced putting my hand up to shield my eyes from the harsh rays as I stepped out onto the platform. I blinked a few times letting my eyes adjust to the light, slowly climbing off of the metal ledge of the train, looked around the edge of the train station, with trees that looked like they had stood for hundreds of years, beside the train station I could see cars driving slowly past.

    Small Town USA. I grinned a little it reminded me of home. I blinked, home? How could this remind me of home, I couldn’t remember home. I grinned a little though, maybe things weren’t gonna be as bad, maybe I could remember everything. My grin spread as I felt Joe tug on my sleeve.

    “C’mon you,” he said, grinning at me.

    “Sorry,” I said.

    “We’ll get you into the hospital, then I guess Joe and I should probably find you some clothes or something,” Frank said walking up. I looked down at my clothes for the first time, they were kinda trashed, my jeans had rips and smudges on them, same with my shirt. I didn’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before.

    “Yeah, sure, you two do that,” I said, I didn’t want to think about the two trying to shop, well anywhere, something told me it wouldn’t be pretty.

    “You gonna be okay alone?” Joe asked me.

    “Yeah,” I said, though I didn’t really feel sure of the fact, I didn’t really want to be alone, but I knew I probably needed clothes, more than probably, I really did need new clothes. My finger tugged at a rip in my side of my shirt.

    “I’ll be fine,” I said looking up at Joe grinning a little. Joe nodded heading inside the train station, I followed him, taking in the simple station, there were lots of people, most of which were here to take a look at the Hurley’s Comet, not that I could blame them, the train was beautiful, and majestic, and besides in a town like this? They probably didn’t get to see much like it.

    Joe and Frank led me outside of the train station, we were left on what looked to be main street, there were kitschy stores up and down the street, with the train tracks running long behind the one side, the Hurley’s Comet looked majestic sitting there, it was hard to believe I’d been riding on it. I wondered if my, well, normal, self ever took time to think about things like this?

    “C’mon, what’re you doing?” Joe asked me pulling me from my revere. Well maybe I did, but Joe sure didn’t.

    “Sightseeing,” I said walked over to where Frank had a cab waiting, he got into the front seat while I climbed into the back. Joe took up the other back seat behind me, I fell quiet again watching the shops lazily stroll by the car, the speed limit probably couldn’t be more than twenty along here.

    Frank struck up a conversation with the cab driver, but I didn’t really listen in, I kept being strangely reminded of home. But, I couldn’t recall where home was, or what home was even called. It was still reassuring, I mean if nothing else I knew that my memories were at least there in my mind, somewhere.

    The cabbie stopped outside the only new looking building in the town, the largest by far, the sign outside said ‘Willow Oaks Hospital’ I climbed out of the taxi, feeling much more nervous than I probably should have.

    “You look pale,” Joe said getting out of the car, I looked across the neon yellow roof at him, he looked scared as he continually looked over my face.

    “Guess I’m nervous,” I said with a weak giggle, walking around the back of the car heading for the doors that said Emergency.

    “Well that’s a new one. I can’t wait to tell everyone back home,” Joe teased as he came up beside me.

    “Oh, sorry,” I grinned weakly. Joe grinned back as he opened the door to the hospital for me.

    The next few hours seemed to pass in minutes, after I’d been checked in I’d been whisked away, to the back room where I’d been asked questions, had lights shown in my eyes, and been poked more times than I cared to remember. Somewhere along the line the Hardy’s left, going to get me new clothes, which seemed unusual since, I was now dressed in a hospital gown.

    Though when I got thinking about it, they left about the time the needles came out to start poking me. Somehow I couldn’t help but wonder if that didn’t play in. After the doctors seemed to finally figure out that I wasn’t faking it, I really didn’t remember what happened, it was late at night, they finally decided that I might as well just stay the night for ‘observation’

    Which left me here, in a hospital room, staring out the window at the dark night sky, the stars were so visible, somehow I got the feeling that they were visible in my home town too, but nothing else about home would come to me, not even the colors of my room at home. I sighed leaning back against my pillow, taking my eyes from the dark night to survey my room. I had figured that Frank and Joe would be back by now, but they weren’t. I felt more alone than I even had back on the train.

    The worst part is all I could think was ‘What if I never get my memories back?’

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    Re: ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

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    Chapter Five

    Two Hours Earlier

    I shuttered as we walked out of the hospital, much to my brother’s amusement, I could see his shoulders shaking in his failed attempts to not laugh at me.

    “I don’t like needles,” I said.

    “No duh,” Frank said looking at me, he was grinning brightly at me. I rolled my eyes in return.

    “C’mon, we promised Nan we’d get her clothes,” I started off down the main street, shoving my hands into my hoodie pocket. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t like needles. It was the stupid porcupine that I ran into when I was four.

    In my own defense it looked like a cat. Our cat at the time and I had a relationship that included me hugging it every time I saw it. It really did look like a cat. You can do the math. I don’t like needles anymore. They make me squeamish. Not to mention blood. Bleh. Blood.

    Frank was chuckling again shaking his head, I looked up to see him walking ahead of me.

    “What?” I asked jogging to catch up to my brother.

    “You called it Fluffy,” he was saying. I glared at him.

    “I was four.” I said.

    “You say that like it’s an excuse,” Frank smirked.

    “It is!” I countered. Frank chuckled again at me shaking his head.

    “If you say so,” Frank said smirking at me, we fell into a quiet lapse, “So…you think Nancy’s gonna get her memories back?” I was quiet for a bit

    “I don’t know,” I said slowly, “I mean, I’d tell her yes in a heartbeat, but in truth? I really don’t know. I hope she does, but you’d figure she’d get something back by now,”

    “I know, me too,” Frank sighed, “It just…It’s scary to think that she possibly won’t be back to Nancy Drew,”

    “I know me too,” I said, sighing, “I mean she’s like my sister, I say that as a joke, but I’m serious, she’s like my sister, our sister.”

    “I know,” Frank said, “We should’ve gone with her, that’s all there is to it,”

    “We didn’t know she was leaving,” I said.

    “But, we should’ve,” Frank said, looking at me. I nodded in response.

    “We should have,” I agreed sighing

    “So where exactly are we heading?” Frank changed the topic, unable to keep talking about the same subject I didn’t want to talk about either.

    “I don’t know,” I said, “We promised Nancy some new clothes,”

    “Wal*Mart?” Frank asked. I nodded then paused.

    “What should we get her?” I asked. Frank blinked at me.

    “Clothes?” he asked.

    “Well duh,” I rolled my eyes, “I mean like Nancy wears…specific clothes,”

    “Oh,” Frank said slowly, “Right...Uh…”

    I really wasn’t one that got paralyzed by fear, but, I think this could count as paralyzed by fear. Shopping was bad enough, usually my Mom just had bags sitting on our beds from her shopping for the day, when I had to go with it was like torture. But now I was going to look for…girls clothes?

    “Great.” I said aloud. Frank shook his head.

    “I’m sure Nancy isn’t too picky, she never seemed that picky about clothes.” Frank said.

    “You’ve paid attention?” I asked.

    “Well, no,” Frank said, as we turned onto one of the streets that was mainly meant for tourists, with the shops warm and welcoming, probably the city’s only real way of making money.

    “Me either,” I said. Well, this was gonna be fun. Frank and I made our way into a clothing store, it was very, pink? That was girly right? Pink, yeah sure, girly pink. I looked at Frank he had the same confused face I did he shrugged at me.

    “My brain hurts.” I said. Frank chuckled at me, he walked over and picked up a pink shirt shrugging at me.

    “This is gonna take a while,” Frank said.

    “Yeah…” I said slowly, looking around, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so terrified.”

    “You’re kidding me right?” Frank asked, “It’s just…girly…clothes?”

    “Like you aren’t?” I asked slowly.

    “Yeah, okay maybe.” Frank said.


    I was laying against my pillows, watching out my window, I was tired, I felt tired deep in my bones, but I couldn’t get to sleep, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed, Joe and Frank had taken off hours prior and I hadn’t heard from them since. I kept telling myself it was probably because by the time they’d figured out what to do in a clothing store it was dark, and visiting hour were over.

    But it still bothered me. I was alone, in a strange place, I didn’t know anyone, I couldn’t remember anything. I just wanted something comforting, something familiar. But the only thing even vaguely familiar was the train that sat, who knew how far away now.

    “I realize it’s late,” the voice cut through the silence, I recognized his voice but I couldn’t place a name to the voice, “But please,” I heard a whispered reply from a woman, I sat up in bed, straining to hear.

    “I just flew in,” the male’s reply came, “I need to see her,” this time the voice was louder, the name came as quickly as my breath, Ned. Joe had told me he was coming, but I didn’t expect him so soon, I didn’t even know what to say to him on the phone, let alone if he was standing here in person in front of me.

    My heart started to race, what was I gonna do? I wasn’t even sure I could remember him, let alone ever love him again, how was I supposed to love a man I didn’t even remember? If my memories never came back what would he expect from me? Would he still want me in whatever relationship we had before? How could I even possibly think about a relationship like this?

    The questions circled around and around in my head, leaving me in a state of near panic, I was breathing hard, looking at my hands.

    My head jerked up, hearing footsteps, I’d been so pulled into my own thoughts I hadn’t heard Ned given the okay to come into my room. I stared at Ned as he slowly came into my room, he had pale brown hair with flecks of blonde mixed in, but his eyes locked with mine, a unique color, green-blue, I hadn’t seen those color of eyes before in my life.

    “Nancy…” Ned whispered, he quickly crossed the room in three footsteps, coming directly over to me, his eyes sweeping over my face, like he was looking for something, “You’re okay…” he grinned a little, he reached out to touch my face, I instantly pulled back against my bed, causing him to drop his hand, the pain and hurt registering on his face.

    “S-Sorry,” I whispered, I felt like someone had been shaking me, I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I just felt sick.

    “Hey, hey it’s okay,” Ned whispered, he sat on the edge of my bed, I instantly pulled my legs up against my chest, the pain grew on his face. I realized suddenly he hadn’t believed Joe, he thought I still remembered him.

    “I’m sorry,” Ned said quickly, he stood up, backing away from me, I felt bad watching him, I wanted to comfort him, I wanted to help him, anyway I could…

    “No…I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I…I wish I could remember you,” Ned sat down on the chair beside my bed, I laid my head on my knees watching him.

    “It’s okay,” Ned whispered, “It’s not your fault,” he grinned weakly at me,

    “I feel like it is,” I whispered, “I don’t want you hurting… I… I don’t even know why I don’t…”

    Ned grinned at me, but it was obvious how much it hurt him in his eyes. "It's okay," he whispered, "So how about this...We start over,"

    "Start over?" I whispered.

    "Yup," Ned nodded, "Completely over," he extended his hand to me, "Hi, I'm Ned Nickerson, nice to meet you." I paused staring at his hand, then I slowly extended my own, grasping his hand. His hand was warm, it sent a comforting tingle up my fingers, I blinked looking at our hands.

    “You okay?” Ned whispered, he hadn’t pulled his hand away from mine.

    “I don’t know,” I whispered, slowly letting go of Ned’s hand, my fingers felt cold in comparison, so I pulled my hand under my blanket, “I don’t remember anything…But I…I can tell you were important to…her,” I whispered, it felt to strange to talk about myself like that, but I couldn’t say he was important to me, because, well, he wasn’t.

    “Well she doesn’t matter, we just met,” Ned said, I paused looking at him again, my hair fell down into my eyes, instinctively Ned reached out to brush it off my face, but he stopped his hand halfway there, dropping it.

    “I’m sorry,” he said.

    “No…Go ahead,” I whispered, I surprised even myself, but I had to know if that touch earlier was just a fluke. Ned grinned a little, he slowly reached over brushing my hair behind my ear. I closed my eyes, feeling his fingers brush my temple, spreading a warmth.

    “Are you okay?” Ned whispered. I nodded.

    “Yeah,” I whispered, looking into Ned’s eyes, I felt like I knew those eyes, like I knew him.

    “Tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours,” Ned said, “I can see the gears in your brain turning,” he grinned a little at me.

    “I was thinking about us…” I whispered.

    “Oh?” Ned asked

    “How did we meet?” I asked.

    “I walked into the room about five minutes ago,” Ned said with a weak smile.

    “It’s okay,” I whispered, “Thanks for trying though,” Ned nodded.

    “We met Freshman year of high school.” Ned grinned a me a little, “I was at this local lawyers office I was thinking about going pre-law, and there was this strawberry blonde girl sitting there, she looked bored out of her mind,” he leaned back in his seat chuckling, “She was a little gangly, oversized shirt, blue jeans that had holes in the knees.”

    He paused to chuckle, I couldn’t help but grin at the sound, he just had one of those laughs that just made you smile.

    “Anyway during the lunch break I struck up a conversation with this girl, she was even more bored than I thought, turned out she was actually being punished for not doing what she was supposed to,” Ned said, “See this girl had a horrible habit of not listening to anyone,” he looked at me with a slight smirk that told me that I’d never list that habit over time.

    “Anyway, she and I struck up quite the friendship,” Ned said shrugging a little, “Meeting up here and there, just typical friend stuff, Starbucks, catching midnight premiers of movies, friend stuff,”

    “So…if we were just friends…” I trailed off the question didn’t need finishing. Ned grinned at me.

    “Junior prom,” Ned said, “We were going as ‘dates’,” he did air quotes with his fingers, “Just because you thought no guy would ask you, and mostly because I didn’t want you in trouble, not that you would’ve let a guy touch you, but, y’know,” he chuckled.

    “Anyway, I came to pick my best friend up, the fun, spunky girl, and out of the back walked this…woman,” Ned paused grinning at the memory, “Instead of the gangly girl with big shirts and ripped up jeans, was the most amazingly beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my life,” he looked over my face, “I fell in love right then and there,” he ended in a whisper.

    “I wish I could remember,” I said softly.

    “You will,” Ned said, he sounded so certain of the fact, he moved to sit on the bed beside me again, this time I didn’t move away from him, I just followed him with my eyes, “You will,” he whispered again, holding out his hand to me. I looked at his hand for a moment before taking it in my own, I felt the warmth return to my fingers.

    “I don’t get it,” I whispered.

    “Get what sweetheart?” Ned whispered, “What’s wrong?”

    “Why do I just…Why can’t I remember?” I whispered, for the first time I felt the prickling pains of tears against my eyes, I closed them tightly against the tears, but I felt a few slip down my cheeks.

    “Oh, Nancy,” Ned whispered, he slowly moved to sit beside me, he pulled me tightly against his chest, wrapping his arm around me, leaving his other hand tightly in mine, “You’ll remember,” he whispered. I knew I should’ve been pulling from this stranger.

    I knew I shouldn’t be letting him comfort me like this, Ned was practically a stranger, I knew he was in love with me, but I didn’t know him from Adam, he could be some liar here to just try and murder me.

    But at the moment I didn’t care. I curled up on Ned’s lap, laying my head against his chest, twining my fingers with his, I was unable to stop the flow of tears down my cheeks.

    “Shhh,” Ned whispered, rocking me a little, “It’s okay,” he whispered, I don’t know how long he held me there but eventually my tears dried up, leaving me shaking and gasping for air.

    “There you go baby girl,” Ned whispered.

    “I d-don’t like th-this,” I whispered, “I j-just want to r-r-remember!”

    “I know,” Ned said, he ran his fingers through my hair, kissing the side of my head, it felt so comforting, despite not hardly even knowing him.

    “Th-Th-Thank you,” I whispered.

    “Of course,” Ned whispered, “I’ll be right here as long as you need me,” I grinned a little.

    I snuggled against Ned more, he wrapped his arms around me tighter, I felt so comfortable with his arms around me, like nothing could happen to me here, I didn’t get it, I should’ve been scared here, or felt violated, but I didn’t, I felt safe, comfortable.

    “Are you okay?” Ned whispered, “Or at least better?” I nodded.

    “Bet-tter,” I whispered, “I just ha-ate this,”

    “Me too,” Ned whispered, “I wish we were back home, watching some sappy movie,”

    “L-Like Leap Y-Year?” I whispered, I didn’t know where the name of the movie came from, but the name stuck out in my mind.

    “Just like that one,” Ned said, “You’re a sucker for sappy romance movies,” he chuckled a little, the sound vibrated in his chest, shaking me a little, but it was a comforting feel, like I’d felt this before. I grinned a little.

    “Most people wouldn’t figure a bit strong detective like you wouldn’t like the chick flicks, but they don’t know the real you,” Ned said, I could hear his smile in his voice.

    “Guess I’m more of a sappy girl than I knew,” I whispered.

    “You know Nancy Drew,” Ned whispered, “You know…”

    “You have to m-much faith in-n me,” I muttered.

    “No, I don’t,” Ned whispered, he kissed the side of my head again, “I know what you’re capable of,” I grinned weakly.

    “I guess,” I whispered.

    “I know,” Ned said certainly.

    “I…” I cut myself off, I didn’t even know what to say.

    “I know,” Ned whispered, “You don’t have to say anything, just rest,”

    “Okay,” I whispered, I felt bad for saying it, “Pr-Promise you’ll stay?

    “Hey,” Ned whispered, he slowly moved, letting go of my fingers and placing them under my chin, tilting my head up, “I’ll be right here, until you tell me to go anywhere,” he whispered, looking me in the eyes.

    “I will never go anywhere Nancy,” he whispered, “Okay?” I froze looking him in the eyes then I slowly nodded.

    “Okay,” I whispered. Ned grinned at me, he leaned down kissing my forehead lightly, “C’mon,” he slowly pulled me back against his chest, moving to lay down on my hospital bed, keeping me tightly against his chest. I snuggled more against Ned, burring my face against his shirt, he smelled familiar, soap and sun, he smelled good. I grinned a little, closing my eyes.

    “G’night sweetheart,” Ned whispered, “Sweet baby girl,” he rubbed my back. I grinned a little, closing my eyes again, the soft sound of Ned’s calm even breathing lulled me into sleep.

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    Re: ~*~*~The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon~*~*~ By Carolyn Keene

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    Chapter Six


    Chapter Six

    I groaned as I was woken up as the bed beneath me moved.

    “Shh…”I heard a soft voice, along with soft gentle movement of fingers along my cheekbone, “Go back to sleep sweetheart,” I mumbled something, curling up against my blankets. I heard a soft chuckle before falling back sound asleep.

    “No way in heck Nickerson!” The voice cut through my slumber, jerking me awake.

    “Shut up before you wake her!” another voice countered.

    “You aren’t in control of her.” The first voice said, Joe, my foggy mind connected finally, waking up farther, but I kept my eyes closed.

    “The doctor said that her mind needs to adjust, you can’t just drag her back off!!” The second voice, Ned, said.

    “She would want to figure out who did this to her!” Joe snapped.

    “She would if she could remember! I swear you drag her out of this hospital and she never remembers I will personally hunt you down.” Ned’s voice changed to a low growl.

    “Oh I’m so scared,” Joe said with a fake high voice, “Nancy wouldn’t want to rest until this case was solved!” his voice went back to normal.

    “You keep going back to that I know that Joe!” Ned snapped, he was growing angry, I could hear it in his voice, “But I don’t care what you say she’s not going back out there unless I know she’ll be fine!!”

    “I’ll keep her safe.” Joe said.

    “Oh well that’s perfectly okay then, never mind, excuse me, go ahead run right off with her,” Ned said. Joe scoffed at Ned.

    “You jerk.” He snapped.

    “I’m not letting you kill her ‘cause you’re desperate!” Ned said.

    “Oh, I’m desperate?!” Joe snapped.

    “God if I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous Hardy.” Ned said.

    “What?” Joe asked, that caused him to stop arguing, instead he laughed, “Seriously, dude, Nancy’s all yours, I have no interest in stealing your girlfriend, I just want what I know my best friend would want,”

    “Then let her stay here.” Ned said lowly.

    “Nancy wouldn’t want to stay here!” Joe said.

    “Oh and you’re suddenly an expert?” Ned asked, “You’ve worked one case with her!”

    “She calls me all the time on cases,” Joe said, suddenly I heard footsteps.

    “What the heck is going on in here?” Frank hissed, “I could hear you both down the hall, they were gonna call security!”

    “Joe wants to drag Nancy back out on this idiotic case!” Ned snapped, “She can’t remember!”

    “She’d want it!” Joe said back.

    “I don’t give a rip!” Ned snapped.

    “Okay that’s it,” Frank said, “Both of you. Out!” Ned started to protest but there was a scuffling, then all three must’ve left the room because I heard the door shut softly. As soon as the door was shut I opened my eyes. I sat up in my bed pushing my hair out of my face.

    I didn’t even know what to say to either one of the two, I got that Ned was trying to protect me from getting hurt again, and Joe was doing what he thought I wanted. Both were trying to protect me in their own way. I sighed, slowly standing up, I felt sore all over, and stiff. I winced trying to stretch out my legs. I looked down at my arms they were now covered in black and blue bruises, a pattern I was sure was repeated all over my skin, I sighed.

    I noticed a small bag beside my bed, I walked to it opening it, inside were a pair of jeans and a shirt, I pulled the shirt out blinking at it, it was a gray oversized shirt that felt soft in my hands, I placed it aside pulling out a pair of sweatpants, along with a matching zip up hoodie. I grinned a little. This had to be the clothes that Joe and Frank went to go get me, I placed it all back in the bag going into the small adjoining bathroom.

    I changed into the sweats and shirt, I pulled the hoodie on, leaving it unzipped, the clothes felt comfortable, despite being bran new. I picked up the tags that I’d ripped off the clothes, tossing them in the trash as I walked out of the bathroom, the more I moved the less sore I felt. I quickly found the brown flats I’d been wearing when I came into the hospital, they looked a little worse for wear, I’d probably have to replace them when I got home, but at the moment I didn’t care.

    I walked out of my hospital room, I was wondering, but it didn’t really bother me. It wasn’t like I was supposed to know my way around this place, I’d never been here before. I was allowed to be confused and lost. It felt comforting to know I wasn’t supposed to remember something and couldn’t, I could just, be lost.

    I managed to find my way outside, I walked to a small pond sitting on a bench, taking some deep breaths, relaxing, letting the sounds of the small fountain in the middle of the pond take my focus, watching the ripples against the edge of the pond. My mind defied my control floating back to the train just outside of town.

    Did I want to stay here or did I want to go back? I didn’t know, I felt like things were incomplete back on the train, but what help was some amnesiac gonna be? I sighed, leaning back on the bench, pulling my hoodie closer to me, it wasn’t that I was cold, I just felt like I needed it there. I sighed.

    But on the other hand, what good was I gonna be here? The doctors were probably gonna just send me home, to a home I couldn’t remember, back to a life I couldn’t remember, with a boyfriend I couldn’t remember. I groaned, laying my head back against the wooden bench, closing my eyes, feeling the sun’s rays penetrate my skin, it felt so good.

    “There you are,” I looked up to see the three boys walking towards me.

    “Good,” Joe grinned, “The clothes fit.”

    “Yeah, they do,” I said slowly standing up, wincing. Ned seemed to instantly be at my side.

    “Are you okay?” he asked.

    “I’m fine,” I said, giving him an appreciative smile.

    “Nancy we gotta get back to the train,” Frank said, “John Gray, he’s someone on the train,” he cleared up for me, “He just called, he needs to talk to us ASAP, we gotta go,”

    “Oh…” I said, I felt an urge, a need to follow to go investigate.

    “I know that look…” Ned said softly, sighing, “You want to go,” I looked up at Ned blinking in surprised.

    “I…Yeah…” I said slowly.

    “Okay,” Ned said, “Lets go,”

    “Ned…” I whispered, biting my lip, “Ned you can’t come…”

    “What?” Ned looked at me, he looked like I’d slapped him.

    “I’m sorry,” I whispered.

    “Nancy c’mon,” Ned said. I lightly placed my hand on his cheek.

    “I have to do this,” I whispered, “I can’t lean on you…no matter how much I want to…” Ned started to say something but I cut him off leaning up and kissing his other cheek.

    “I’ll call you, or text you,”

    “You’d better,” Ned whispered, he seemed resigned, like he knew he couldn’t talk me out of it. Which, well, he couldn’t.

    “All the time,” I said grinning a little, “But if you’re there-”Ned cut me off.

    “I know you Nancy,” Ned said grinning at me a little bit, “You’re deathly independent, you have to run into things headstrong, even if it’s a brick wall, you’re gonna try to get through. Alone…I’ve gotten used to it.” He grinned a little more, “It’s why I love you,”

    “I’m sure it’s why I love you too,” I whispered softly, “Take care of yourself,”

    “Always do,” Ned said grinning, “Go play detective,” he reached and roughed up my hair. I grinned.

    “Thanks,” I said pulling my hair flat, “I’d probably better talk to the doctors…”

    “Nah, I’ll deal with them,” Ned winked at me, “I’m charming like that.” I giggled.

    “Of course you are,” I said, I kissed Ned’s cheek again before turning and walking back to the Hardy’s.

    “Hey there Sis,” Joe said then he shot a look at Ned, one of victory, I instantly stomped on his foot.

    “What was that for?!” Joe snapped.

    “Putting you in your place,” I said simply. Frank chuckled.

    “That’s our Nancy,” he said, I turned to grin at Ned who grinned back giving me a small wave. I returned it with one of my own, turning back to Joe who looked like he’d bitten a limon.

    “Let’s go,” he said heading off. I grinned following him, Frank walked beside me chuckling still.

    “What?” I asked Frank.

    “Nothing,” Frank said, “Just how even without your memories you’re the same girl,” he said. At that I had to giggle myself

    I pulled myself up onto the railing of the train, the Hurley’s Comet, I’d been told as we were in the taxi back to the train.

    “So John Gray, you said he was a…TV star?” I asked.

    “Somewhat,” Joe said, “He’s the star of a reality show that tries to prove ghost stories are real.”

    “Gotcha,” I said nodding slowly, I stood on the small platform, chewing on my lip.

    “Don’t worry just act like you know what you’re doing,” Joe said.

    “But didn’t you already tell everyone I’d lost my memory?” I asked.

    “Oh I did say that didn’t I?” Joe asked. Frank rolled his eyes.

    “Just roll with it Nance,” Frank said.

    “Got it,” I nodded.

    “You’ll do fine,” Frank assured me, we walked onto the train, it was a new car, one I didn’t recognize, of course I’d only been in the caboose the whole time, this car was at the front of the train, right behind the coal car and the engine, it looked like it once had been the kitchen of the train, with an old pot bellied stove, along with counters. Joe and Frank ignored it walking through a small door to what was the dining car with a round table that looked like a small explosion had happened to, papers were scattered all over the table.

    “What happened?” I asked looking at the table. Frank and Joe followed my gaze then Frank started laughing.

    “Joe happened,” he said smirking at his brother, who muttered something under his breath then went on through the car, I followed Joe the last part of the car looked like it was a bar, the isle went around the corner and there was a large shelf with drinks along it, the Hardy’s walked through the door out to the small platform that led to the next car, they effortlessly crossed it walking into the next train car.

    I followed them slower, trying to be sure of my footing before I crossed.

    “Nan the train isn’t even moving,” Joe said, “You’re fine,”

    “Sorry, I just get nervous,” I said. Joe gave me a strange look then nodded slowly, walking into the train car. I followed behind, I was faced with a wall in front of me and an isle way on either side of me.

    “Just so you know,” Frank said, turning to the right, “This,” he tapped a door, “Is your room,” he walked a few doors down, “And this one is ours,” I nodded, trying to commit it to memory, of course, without being able to remember anything aside for the past time there was plenty of room for me to remember with. The boys walked on down to the end of the car, opening door in the middle and going through and across the platform again.

    I was beginning to dislike these, I jumped across them grabbing onto the railing to keep myself from falling.

    “What’re you gonna do when the train starts moving?” Joe asked me.

    “Not leave my room,” I answered logically. Frank chuckled.

    “M’kay, Nan,” he said walking into the train car, there was a long hallway in front of us, with a door at the far end. An African-American man was leaning against the doorframe, he straightened hearing us enter.

    “Took you long enough,” he said coming into the hallway, he had brown hair that poofed around his head in an afro, he had thin wire glasses framing his brown eyes, he crossed his arms over his chest, he wore a brown leather jacket, left unzipped over a white shirt and blue jeans.

    “Sorry, John,” Frank said, “Traffic,” he lied effortlessly. I wish I could do that. Well, I take that back, maybe my old self could do that. I, however, couldn’t.

    “What’s up?” Joe asked, stepping in front of me, blocking me from John, it was kinda protective, but since I was shorter than both boys I could barely see John over their shoulders, which was rather annoying.

    “That train car,” John said, “The one Nancy unlocked?” he nodded to my barely visible forehead, “Well, actually I was heading to talk to you two, but when I got to the room, someone destroyed it,”

    “What?” Joe asked, “Why?”

    “Beats me,” John said shrugging, “But I figured you three would want to know,”

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