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    Post  Amphibian on Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:17 am

    The Lost Chronicles Of Quigley Kim

    /chapter one – oh, snap/
    Nancy Drew's POV:
    (By Kate)

    I finish the turtle puzzle as fast as I possibly can. It was a pretty easy puzzle. (Not really…)
    The weird little head above me’s eyes flash open and in a moment a huge ball (when I say huge, I mean HUGE!) begins rolling down.
    “Uh…oh.” I stutter frozen in place.
    Just as the ball comes down from it’s pedestal I manage to stumble out of it’s lethal path.
    I squeeze my eyes shut as the boulder rushes past me, barley missing my toes.
    I hear it roll further down the passage and out of earshot.
    I open one eye and let out a sigh of relief to fins that I am still in one piece.
    Now I knew how Indiana Jones had felt!
    I cough a few times as the rising dust clouds (resulting from the speeding boulder) rush into my lungs.
    In a moment, I can see clearly as the dust settles again.
    I head over to what appears to be a new passage. The huge rock must have been blocking it!
    I crawl through the narrow stone passage and find myself in a large room with two ancient looking doors on either side. I carefully make my way into the center of the room. I can hear eerie dripping noises coming from somewhere in the room then…
    A very low growl.
    “Who…who’s there?” I whisper, my voice sounding unusually small.
    After a few moments of silence I decide that my over active imagination is getting the better of me and continue looking around the cave.
    There isn’t much to see. A few large Hawaiian statues….and-
    I gasp as I feel a UCO (Unidentified crawling object.) scuttle across my sandaled feet.
    I scoop it up before it gets away and study it.
    “A…umm….” I thumb through my “A Guide to Bugs for Air Heads” “A.. fritaliated Flag Beetle? Hmmm…” I was holding a small brown-ish bug, which is according to my “in depth research” a retaliated flag beetle! where did come from? Why is it in Kapu cave?
    Suddenly I heard an odd chirping noise coming from above my head.
    I glance up and gasp.
    The ceiling is covered with Fritallated Flag Beetles!
    “What on earth?!” I exclaim, the small bug in my hand hops to the ground and scurries away.
    I pull out my cell phone and snap a photo.
    I had to get out of here and show this to doctor Kim!
    How I am going to get out is…a different story…
    I pull out my cell phone to see if I get a signal…I do! One bar! Yes! Now I can call Frank and let him know where I am!
    Just as I begin dialing his number the one bar quickly disappears. Nuts.
    I walk up the stone steps to one of the huge doors and push on it. To my surprise it swings open! Yes!
    It’s a short tunnel, but It looks like a dead end. Hmmm.
    I hear a grinding noise as the wall at the end of the tunnel opens up.
    I dash down the passage and out of the new opening before it closes up or something.
    I find my self back in Kapu cave standing next to that huge face with the pictures on it’s teeth.
    The passage closed up again behind me. I had made it out just in time, now all I have to do is drive over to Three Finger Rock and tell Dr. Kim about what I’ve discovered!

    I make my way through the jungle surrounding Three Finger Rock, avoiding poisonous looking plants as I go. Then I hear it, that freaky whispering…
    I shiver in spite of myself. The whispering was just down right…weird.
    I continue on and soon find myself standing in front of Quigley’s vibrant orange hiking pack.
    “Yooooooohooooooooooo Dr. Kim!?” I call up to her.
    “Nancy!” The nasally voice snaps back. “What did I tell you about the Dr. Kim thing? It reminds me of my father which reminds me of how he fed my bug collection to his snakes which reminds me of how much I hate snake and-”
    “Quigley?!” I interrupt her digressing. “I need to talk to you! I’ve made a discovery that I think you’ll be interested it, could you come down for a second?”
    She sighs. “Fine but only for a-”
    She is interrupted by an unhealthy tearing noise…
    “Quigley! Your cable is-” I don’t get to finish.
    The cable snaps and lands at the base of the tree…followed by

    I hope you enjoyed! Please comment! Very Happy
    -The Authors


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    Post  GrammarShark on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:59 am

    Hey, this is as great as I remember it, gals! Good work, can't wait to read more.

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    Post  Amphibian on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:59 am

    The Lost Chronicles Of Quigley Kim

    /chapter two – breaking up/
    Frank Hardy's POV:
    (By Mel)

    I finally finished swimming through those currents!
    I step out of the water and into some sort of cave. Hm.
    I take off my scuba mask, and walk down the dark tunnel.
    I walk for a few minutes, and soon reach the end of the tunnel.
    “Dead end.” I moan, touching the stone wall. “There has to be something behind this wall...”
    I look for a door knob, a puzzle, a keyhole, anything.
    There is none. I sigh.
    Maybe I should go back to Big Island Mike's and call Nancy. I think.
    As soon as I step onto the sandy beach, my cell phone rings. I pull the small silver device from the waterproof diving bag, and flip it open.
    “Frank! You won't believe what's happened!” Nancy's familiar voice shouts through the phone.
    “The cable --- when Dr. Kim was in the - observing bugs --stuff and -- -I ca-- the- sent- --- okay—alive--”
    “Nancy? Your breaking up,”
    “What? I-- oh-- an't- you-- either--”
    I sigh.
    “Why don't you just drive to Big Island Mike's and we can talk about it here, okay?”
    “Uhm- hello? How -I suppose –get –there?”
    “Oh. Well, maybe they fixed the bridge by now? You should at least try.”
    “Yeah -be. -I'll –if –did –bye!”
    “Uh, bye!”
    I hang up the phone and slip it back into the bag.
    I watch as a familiar yellow jeep pulls into the parking lot of the immersion excursion center.
    Nancy steps out of the car.
    “Nancy!” I call, waving.
    She runs over to where I am standing.
    “I take it the bridge was fixed.” I say, glancing at the brightly colored car.
    “Yes. Did you understand anything I said on the phone?”
    “Uhm, no. Your signal kept breaking.”
    “Oh. Dr. Kim was in a tree at Three Finger Rock looking at wasps when the cable broke, and-”
    I gasp.
    “Yeah. She's alive, they think she'll be fine, but she hit her head.”
    I stare at the ground for a moment. “Do you think it was just an accident?”
    “I'm not sure.... But it's definitely a possibility that it could have been all a plan.” Nancy replies.
    “So you think it could be someone trying to stop her from... looking at bugs?” I ask.
    “Dr. Kim told me that she was on the brink of finding out something big! It could mean a lot of fame. And money.”
    “That would be a good reason to stop her from researching... whatever she is... researching.” I add.
    “The Norsabeta Oderata.”
    “Yeah, whatever that is.”
    “It's a kind of moth.” She explains.
    “Ah. Weird name...”
    “Take look at this.” Nancy presses several buttons on her phone, then holds it up so I can see.
    Tons of tiny bugs cover the ceiling of a cave.
    “Uhm... okay, lots of bugs.” I say.
    “Not just any bugs!! Fritaliated Flag Beetles!” Nancy exclaims.
    “Fritaliated what?”
    “Flag Beetles!” She waves her phone in the air.
    I stare at her blankly for a moment.
    “And they're all over Kapu cave!”
    “Don't go all entomologist on me, okay?” I say, putting my hands up.
    Nancy rolls her eyes.
    “I didn't get a chance to tell Dr. Kim about them...”
    “That's okay, you'll tell her soon. By the way, I followed that current chart, and it led to a cave. I walked down this tunnel, but there was only a dead end.”
    “Hmmm....” Nancy says, looking into the blue sky. “Dead ends almost always have something behind them,”
    “But what?” I ask.
    “I don't know. Yet.”

    GG: Thank you so much! I can't wait to start posting
    the new stuff! Wink *HUGS*
    -The Authors


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    Post  GrammarShark on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:09 am

    Ooooh, the line

    “Don't go all entomologist on me, okay?” I say, putting my hands up.

    was really funny! PCS!

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    Post  TheBookNut on Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:47 pm

    Yolah, Katie Girl and Melly the Gardener! I love this so far! Very funny and interesting! I hope Dr. Kim will be okay and Nancy will be able to show her that picture of all the bugs. Frank's chapter was hilarious! I'd be acting like him with Nancy talking in "bug" language. LOL!

    Now I knew how Indiana Jones had felt!
    No way, this is exactly what I thought about during the whole rock scene! I love Indiana Jones!

    And I totally agree with GG. That line was sooo funny! *hugzzzzzzz* Continue soon, girls! A few questions first though . . . was this AE ever on HeR? And did you two already write this AE, but I just never got to read it? And . . . did that even make sense? Anyway, continue soon! I'd love to read more and more! Love you both super duper lots!

    Super Duper Sammy

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    Post  DolphinSinger on Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:47 am

    Thanks GG and Sammy!!!!!!!!!!

    We haven't posted it on HeR yet...we wrote it all on paper on vacation sooo...we still have to type it all up which is taking foreverrrr.

    Bahha, yess! I totally thought of Indiana Jones during that part so I had to add it! xD

    Love you all soooo much!

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