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    Waterproof -♥-


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    dog Waterproof -♥-

    Post  Amphibian on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:00 am

    Chapter {:One:}
    Nancy Drew’s Pov:
    I dash through the door that has just opened, and enter a room with a large chain link cage inside.
    I hear soft growling as I step closer into the expanse.
    I turn the corner to see what is in the cage.
    “Awe! Your so cute!” I coo to the four young rottweilers inside.
    I leave them there as I wander into a corner to search for clues.
    There are two tables there. I see dog food, water, collars, and treats scattered around on one, and on the other, there is nothing but an old, rusty key.
    The letters: ‘MM’ are engraved into it. I think for a minute.
    Mickey Malone!
    I suddenly remember the passageway I found behind the grid of the Malone property.
    “I bet this is the key to that door!” I say to myself.
    I rush past the cage of barking dogs, and dash over the threshold.
    Running to the locked door, I slip the key in, and turn the handle.
    Inside is a room that looks like some kind of well.
    I spot a wheel on the other side of the room, and put it back where it belongs.
    After turning a couple of the wheels, I see the arrow on a water level gauge go down.
    I can tell it is safe to open the big door in the middle of the room now.
    I take the loose wheel with me. (Just in case I need it for something. You never know!)
    I walk over to the door, and turn the wheel. It opens smoothly, (with no water pouring out and drowning me! Yay!)
    I step inside.
    Clinging to the cold, wet, rungs on the ladder, I climb down to the bottom.
    I turn around to find yet another door, with some kind of combination lock on it.
    It has something to do with the dogs, and I soon figure it out.
    A metal tube slides out of the wall, and I attach the spare wheel to it.
    Turning the wheel, I hear a satisfying: *Sheeeer… thunk!* as the door flies open.
    My mouth drops open at the sight in front of me.
    “Six hundred pounds of gold bullion. Wow!” I say aloud. “Wait till Jeff Akers hears about this!”
    There is no time to loose.
    I am determined to leave moon lake by the end of the week!
    I lock up the safe really tight, and hide the key in a compartment in my backpack.
    As I walk back to the cabin, a strong breeze flows through the tree branches,
    and blows a loose strand of hair out of my face.
    The wind has a sweet smell to it, (you know what I mean?) like the smell of spring.
    Even though it is still a little chilly out, the weather is beautiful!
    I gaze at a gold finch, singing sweetly in branch above my head.
    Sunlight streams through the light green leaves, and casts it’s warmth on me.
    I think about everything that has happened as I walk silently through the woods.
    Sure, I found the gold, but I haven’t solved the mystery yet.
    Who is keeping those dogs there? Why does someone want to scare Sally away? What do they have to gain?
    All these questions just keep haunting me.
    I need some help with this mystery. I think. Oh well. At least I found the gold. Right?
    Soon I find myself walking out of the woods, and down the small hill leading to the house.
    I hear a banging noise and freeze. What was that? I ask myself silently.
    I turn on my heel, and look towards the back of the house.
    My jaw drops at what is sitting in the driveway.

    My old DOG AE from HeR.
    I knowww, it's terrible.
    Compare to my writing now. xDDDD
    Thanks for reading! Wink

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    dog Re: Waterproof -♥-

    Post  Carolyn_Keene on Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:50 pm

    Not terrible!!! I enjoyed it, good plot line! Keep it up!

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    dog Chapter Two

    Post  Amphibian on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:00 am

    Chapter {:Two:}
    Bess Marvin’s POV:

    I try the door. Locked. I bang on the window. Nothing.
    “Nancy?!?” I yell through the dirty glass. “Are you in there?!?”
    “Obviously not.” My cousin George mutters. I sigh.
    “C’mon.” I say. “let’s try the other door.”
    As I walk down the steps, I see a familiar teenage girl standing in the driveway, looking at my car.
    “Nancy!” I shout enthusiastically.
    She looks at me, then her eyes widen as she realizes who I am.
    “Bess!” she says happily. She runs up to me and George, and gives us each a hug.
    “I didn’t know you where coming to moon lake!”
    I smile.
    “Yes, well, we thought we could give you a hand with the mystery.” George tells her.
    “Omigosh! I was just thinking about how I needed some help!” Nancy exclaims.
    “Well, here we are!” I say in a cheery voice.
    “Come on inside. I’ll make us some lunch.” Nancy suggests.
    “…And there was the gold! Six hundred pounds of it!” Nancy exclaims with a twinkle in her eye.
    “Cool!” George says. I give her the look of: ‘That’s all you can say?’
    “That is awesome, Nancy! Great job!” I exclaim.
    “I know!” Nancy says. She sips her pink lemonade.
    “Now, I have to go tell Jeff Akers about it.” George rolls her eyes.
    “That should be fun.” she says sarcastically.
    “Stop. He’s very nice. A little annoying? Yes. But at least he doesn’t--” George cuts her off.
    “--Give you a ticket for breathing?” she finishes for Nancy. Nancy laughs.
    “Yeah, I guess.”
    “Have a good time!” I call, as she steps outside.
    “Thanks!” Nancy says.
    George gets up from her chair and takes her cell phone out of her pocket.
    It beeps a few times. Low battery.
    She reaches into her hand bag sitting on the couch, and takes out the charger.
    Plugging it into the wall, she glances over at me.
    I am staring down at the grains in the table in deep thought.
    I twirl a lock of golden hair around my finger; something I always do when I am nervous or afraid about something.
    “Bess, what’s wrong?” George asks.
    Her question snaps me out of my thinking.
    I shake my head and smile weakly.
    “Nothing…” I tell her absently.
    George looks at me again, trying to make her gaze seem as if she knows what I am thinking.
    “Okay, okay.” I admit. “I just have the feeling Nancy shouldn’t be going.”
    George snickers.
    “Why on earth not?” she asks me.
    I shrug. “No reason. Your right. It’s just some ridicules thought creeping into my mind again.”
    She nods.
    “Yeah, like when you thought we going to go off the road when we where driving here…” George says.
    I roll my eyes, and she gets up out of her chair.
    “Well, I’m gonna go outside and look around, K?” She asks me.
    I nod.
    George pulls a hunter green hoodie over her arms and leaves the cabin.
    I tap my fingernails on the wooden table.
    I get up from my chair, and open the curtains, letting the sunshine stream into the gloomy house.
    Flipping open my cell, I quickly send a text to Nancy.
    ‘U @ Jeff’s yet?’ I type.
    I set the phone down on the table, and wait.
    I hate waiting.
    Especially here, now, in this gloomy little cabin in the dark forest. All alone.
    My phone isn’t beeping. Will I get a text from Nancy saying she’s safe?
    I am not sure.
    I still have a bad feeling as Nancy is absent from the house.
    My mind is telling me that something is going to happen to her.
    Something terrible.

    Thanks, CK! :)


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    Post  Guest on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:31 pm

    This is great! I like how it's written in present-tense; very unique.
    Please continue, Mel! :)

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    dog Re: Waterproof -♥-

    Post  Amphibian on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:10 am

    Chapter {:Three:}
    Nancy Drew’s Pov:
    “…And there was six hundred pounds of gold bullion!” I exclaim.
    Jeff Akers looks shocked.
    I nod.
    “Well, Ms. Drew, you have made quite the incredible find.” Jeff tells me.
    “I know, right?” I say enthusiastically.
    “Yes. Now, if you have the key to the safe, I’ll have some men go down there and get the gold out.”
    I slap my hand to my forehead.
    “Oh, I forgot it. If you don’t mind waiting, I’ll go back and get it now.” I say.
    He nods, and I walk to the door.
    Just then My cell phone beeps.
    I yank the phone from my pocket. It’s a text from Bess.
    ‘U @ Jeff’s yet?’ It reads.
    I quickly type her a message back.
    ‘Yes, but I forgot the key. I’m coming back now.’
    I leap out the door, and start up the boat.
    The wind whips through my strawberry-blonde hair and I guide the outboard towards the house.
    As I am in the middle of the lake, the motor slows down, then stops entirely.
    “Humph. That’s funny.” I say to myself, opening the compartment to examine the problem.
    I notice that I don’t have any gasoline left. My eyes widen.
    I had a full tank when I went to the State Park Ranger Station!
    Someone must have emptied it!
    Oh, well. I think. I’ll just call for help and someone will come and tow me to land.
    I scuff my foot in the bottom of the boat. *Swish*
    I can feel water leaking into my sneakers, and drenching my socks.
    “Oh, no!” I cry out, as I look down to find the boat filling with water!
    I grab my lifejacket, and quickly throw it on.
    Someone must have drilled a hole in the bottom of the outboard! I think.
    I take my cell phone out of my pocket, and dial Bess.
    It’s not ringing. I look at the screen It flashes: ‘Battery low,’ and then it dies.
    I shove my phone back into my pocket in frustration.
    “Help! Help!” I call hoarsely.
    The boat is sinking rapidly. If I don’t do something quick, I’m going to be tossed into the freezing water!
    “Bess! George! Help me!!” I scream.
    The cold water is half way up my shins.
    In a minute the boat will sink entirely, and I will go with it.
    “Help! Someone! Anyone! Help!!!!!!!” I shout for the last time.
    The boat gives out underneath my feet and the freezing water rushes around my body, making my clothes cling to me.
    I scream for help even louder, but no one seems to hear me.
    I start to swim towards land.
    The water is freezing cold, (since it’s only April) and I don’t think I can swim for much longer.
    My arms feel like lead, and my head feels like an iceberg.
    I can’t even feel that I have stopped swimming.
    My hands can’t move. My body can’t move.
    I feel half frozen, now more then ever.
    My muscles feel stiff, and I try slow down my breathing as I gasp for air.
    I try to splash the water around in my last attempt to get someone’s attention, but nobody hears me.
    All I can think about is how cold I am.
    My vision becomes blurry, then vanishes.

    Thank you! :)

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