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    The Resistance Strikes at Noon


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    MAG1 The Resistance Strikes at Noon

    Post  Carolyn_Keene on Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:30 am

    Chapter One


    I walked into my bosses office dropping the file on his desk.

    “Oh you’re back,” He looked up at me over his glasses, “Any problems?”

    “No sir,” I said shaking my head, “No problems.” None that he needed to hear about anyway, “Everything’s in the report,” well…most everything was in the report, I couldn’t include somethings...

    “Thanks Frank, you’re one of the best,” my boss, Grady, stood up hitting my arm with the file, “Wish we had more like you,” I gave a weak non-heartfelt grin.

    “Thank you sir,” I said, “Anything else?”

    “Just did you enjoy yourself?” Grady asked me. I forced another smile and nodded.

    “Best time ever,” I gave my boss a bold face lie, I wished I’d never gone on this mission. Everything had changed for me. Nothing was the same, nothing was right now.

    “Good, that’s what I like to hear,” Grady said, “Another bad guy behind bars,” I felt a twang in my chest as I nodded

    “Where they belong,” I grinned a little walking out of his office, I closed the door behind me walking down the hallway, but I didn’t make it far, in the deserted corridor, I stopped punching the wall with all my might, I felt the stinging in my hand, I thought I even felt a few fingers break. But I didn’t even care.

    I rested my forehead against the wall closing my eyes, not even pulling my now bleeding fist from the wall.

    I didn’t even get it. This was supposed to be a simple mission, short sweet, easy. I focused on the pain in my fist, it helped, lesson the pain everywhere else.

    I couldn’t help it I started to think about that short time before. Three weeks? Really? Had it only been three weeks since I heard my boss say, "It's not that we don't trust your brother. It's just that you have better experience dealing with undercover operations," I couldn’t help but wonder if Joe had gone with me things would be different…

    I felt like I was back in my room packing again…

    I heard the grumbling behind me, the tell tail sign Joe was here.

    "You know it's not personal, Joe" I said. A muttered sentence that sounded kinda like 'favorite' came back. I shook my head and went back to packing.

    "Call Nancy go do...something," I said.

    "She's busy." Joe muttered.

    "They only needed one," I said, "I'm sorry, honestly, but I can't choose who they send to Ireland."

    Joe sighed going to sit in my chair starting to spin it around using my desk to push off from.

    "It's just... I'm gonna be bored," Joe said.

    "Lord knows that's dangerous," I grinned at Joe.

    "Ha. Ha." Joe said, rolling his eyes.

    "C'mon it'll be fine, I'll be back in no time at all, then it'll go back to normal, we'll try to get ourselves killed," I grinned at Joe who grinned back a little, chuckling.

    "Deal. But you're the one who dies," Joe said. I chuckled putting more in my suitcase.

    "Deal," I said, grinning at my kid brother, "But now I need to pack,"

    "Gotcha," Joe said, standing up, finding himself sightly wobbly reaching out to grasp my desk, "I'm getting to old for that," I laughed shaking my head.

    "You wish, I hate to see you when you're forty," I smirked.

    Joe rolled his eyes but stumbled out of my room, I chuckled. What was I gonna do without my dorky brother?

    Probably enjoy peace and quiet, I chuckled a little to myself as I opened my dresser pulling out another pair of jeans putting them in my stuffed suitcase.

    I wasn't sure I had everything but what all was needed for who knows how many weeks in Ireland. I shoved my iPod charger in my suitcase before zipping it up.

    I yanked it off the bed pulling the handle up and slipping my stuffed backpack on pulling my suitcase out and down the stairs letting the suitcase bang down the steps behind me.

    "You're gonna break that thing," Joe said sounding more like me than my immature little brother.

    "Yeah, yeah," I said smirking and sounding like Joe.

    Joe stood walking over to me. "You'd better behave," Joe kept up with sounding more like me again. I smirked.

    "What fun is that?" I whined.

    "Fun in you stay.....alive? Oh forget it, I can't keep up with the crazy safety freak," Joe said, chuckling.

    "It's so much easier to be you," I rolled my eyes, starting for the door pausing and turning around, "Oh, and Joe?"

    "Yeah?" Joe blinked.

    "Don't get arrested," I said.

    "That's what I was looking for!" Joe said. I laughed before opening the door and walking out.


    I settled back in my seat on the airplane, these cross the ocean flights were nice, room to spread out. I leaned my seat back and I pulled my backpack out pulling out a folder opening it in my lap, it was thicker than our normal files.

    'Your mission' my brain instantly added "should you choose to accept it" I grinned a little to myself Joe was rubbing off on me.

    'Is to gain deep cover to try and gain information on the underground resistance that's been forming in Ireland. Your cover name is Frank Harsen, you're an American who's been working with gun traders and has connections. The Rich Mans Pub is a known local hang out for the resistance, so try and stay nearby.

    We've included a burn cell phone in the name of Frank Harsen in case of emergencies, this is to be used as a last resort. We have also given you passports, IDs, and credit cards in your new name.

    Contact with us and or friends and family must be severely limited because of your cover, be sure that you only use your fake name, any and all contact with ATAC must be only in extreme emergencies.

    If you are in need of instant extraction call us on your burn phone."

    I read over the file a couple times before flipping the page over to see a drivers license passport and a credit card I pulled them all out putting them away in my backpack. Leaning back on the seat and turning on the personal TV in the back of the seat in front of me, leaning back and slipping headphones on letting myself relax, probably the last time I'd be able to relax until I got back home. Who knows when that would be. After my third movie I switched to music.

    I guess somewhere along the lines I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I was awoken by the announcement that we were landing. I blinked a little sitting up and yawning, I pulled the now dead headphones off my ears leaving them a little sore from beige under the pressure of the headphones.

    I rubbed my ears as we slowly descended to the ground. When we were aloud I stood up with the rest of the people stretching my sore muscles and yawning.

    "Welcome to Dublin, Ireland," The pilots voice came over the overhead speakers, "Local time is ten fifteen, so a good morning to everyone, I hope everyone was able to catch some shut eye to help with the jet lag,"

    Guess I was ahead of the curve if that was the case, always a bonus jet lag could be a witch. I slowly filed offend plain with everyone else, it always amazed me how many people could fit onto a plain and it still fly across an entire ocean. I walked up the ramp and I was greeted by a welcoming airport. Of course at this moment all I really cared about was finding my hotel and getting settled in and trying to figure out how I was supposed to pass for an arms dealer.

    I was on auto-pilot, I was worn out even though I hadn't done anything but sat and slept, but I was still worn out and I wanted to relax for a bit and get my feet under me. I found the luggage claim, I leaned against a pillar watching the luggage spin, it was almost medicinal watching the luggage spin. Just about when I was about to fall asleep I saw my dark blue suitcase come around, I quickly pulled it off. I didn't remember it being that heavy when I first packed it.

    I managed to get outside and into a cab, I barely remembered the hotel address, I sure hoped I'd been right, I didn't need to try and dig through all my paperwork just to get a number. Luckily the cabbie seemed to understand and take me to the right place.

    I thanked him and got into the hotel checking in and string my room key going inside the room, flopping down on my bed it felt good to be in a normal bed, even if I couldn't really breathe with my face in the blankets and my legs hanging awkwardly off the bed.

    I don't know how long I laid there, just until I felt better and more, well, human. I got back up to my feet stretching and going to put my clothes away to make the sterile room feel more like home.

    I sighed sitting down on the bed, it was strange being alone, I never really was alone, Joe was there or Nancy or well, someone, I rarely got any time alone except when Joe was out with Raylinn, which was fine, I didn't care, they could take off and enjoy themselves, but still to be in a hotel and have it be dead silent? It was almost...scary.

    I clicked on the TV to some random station just for background noise, just to keep my sanity. At that time my phone rang, not my new Frank Harsen phone but my old cell phone. I picked it up.

    "Hello?" I answered.

    "Hey," Joe said, "How was the flight?"

    I grinned a little, actually glad to hear Joe's voice.

    "It was good, I'm kinda tired though," I said, laying back on the bed.

    "See? I should've gone, you're to weak for this," Joe said, I could just hear him smirking.

    "I just have to keep this whole thing straight," I sighed, licit a double life wouldn't be my idea of a fun day, that's for sure.

    "Keep what straight?" Joe asked. I paused.

    "Joe I don't know what I can tell," I said.

    "Oh, yeah, forgot." Joe sighed.

    "C'mon we'll do something fun when I get home," I said.

    "Uh-huh, deal, but you need me to stop talking?" Joe asked.

    "Yeah," I said, "I'm gonna take a nap then head on out."

    "M'kay," Joe said

    "Oh and Joe?" I said.

    "Yeah?" Joe paused, I could just see him blinking on the other side of the phone.

    "I dunno if you can keep calling me on this line, so just hold off unless it's an emergency," I said. I thought I heard Joe sigh but he tried to cover it with an upbeat 'Oh I see how it is,' but I knew him better than that.

    "Talk to you soon, I promise." I said before hanging up. I knew Joe would never say it but he was hurt by the fact I'd gotten this mission and he hadn't.

    Actually now that I thought about it, I Joe hadn't gotten a full fledge mission since the fasco where he was Accused of murder, ATAC said they trusted him, but actions always spoke loader than words and the fact that they weren't giving him missions? That was kinda huge.

    I wish I'd realized this sooner, I might've been more insistent he come along this mission, but I sat aside a mental note to speak to Grady about making sure that Joe got a mission soon.

    I glanced at the clock, all of this was gonna have to wait, I needed some rest before trying to focus on the mission at hand.

    I left the TV on for background noise, quickly falling asleep.

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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

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    Pretty awesome!

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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

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    Sweetness! Lots of good quotes in there, too. Haha! Post more soon!

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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

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    Chapter Two


    I walked into the bar, well pub actually, it wasn't quite what I expected. It was musty smelling, it also stung like cigarettes and alcohol. It was loud due to the laughing and talking of all patrons. Despite the noise my attention was brought to a singular voice, this one wasn’t talking like the others, but this one was singing.

    The voice was better than some of the so-called singers that were left on the radio back in the states, I scanned the room finding a small dimly lit stage, on it was the girl singing, a microphone, and guitar. The girl was cute, she had a round face, clearly enjoying her music, her hair was a fire red color with long bangs that nearly fell into her closed eyes, the rest of her hair was pulled up into a side ponytail, half falling on either side of her shoulder.

    At that moment her eyes opened again, I could’ve sworn they looked right at me, she had bright green eyes, that had a fire behind them that looked like she could easily get into any kind of trouble she wanted, and probably get away with it too. She smiled, at me? Or just because her song was ending? I wasn’t sure, but I finally broke my gaze from her, going to sit at the bar.

    I ignored the strange looks I was getting when I ordered myself a coke. It wasn’t that I had anything against drinking, it was just I needed to be able to think to meet the leader of the resistance.

    “Designated driver are, ye?” I nearly jumped at the Irish voice behind me, far to close, not to mention I didn’t hear anyone come up behind me, I turned around to see the singer from the stage sounding behind me, she was leaning on one jean clad leg with her other sticking other foot showing a brown high heeled laced up boot, she also wore a green sweater that had a large neck folded down over the sleeves and the top.

    “Deaf too, what a shame,” the girl said, pulling me from my thoughts.

    “No, sorry, I mean…” I stumbled over the words, “You did good,” I nodded to the stage. Never before did I realize how Joe was always the one to break the awkward ice when someone new was around. The girl, however, grinned at me.

    “Ahh, so ya aren’t deaf, it’d been a cryin’ shame ta think ya were,” she said, her thick Irish accent gave her words a playful sound.

    “And why would that be?” I asked.

    “Ya’re downright cute,” The girl said. I blinked a little but grinned back.

    “Well, thanks,” I said slowly.

    “Wee bit slow though,” The girl grinned. I chuckled.

    “Frank Har-son,” I started to say Hardy but quickly caught myself. The girl blinked but didn’t say anything.

    “Kinley O’Maris,” she extended her hand to me. I shook it, a little surprised to feel a strong handshake.

    “Kinley, pretty name to go with a pretty girl,” I said.

    “Now that’s more of the man I knew was watchin’ me,” Kinley grinned sitting down beside me, “Oi, Guinness.” she held up her finger, and the bar keeper brought her a large glass of a dark liquid.

    “Now this,” Kinley held up the glass for proof, “Is a drink.” I chuckled.

    “Well, actually I’m here for work,” I said slowly, “You wouldn’t happen to know where I could speak to an Addison Hopkins., would you?”

    Kinley froze looking at me then gave a sharp sigh.

    “Ya mean Skully, he tells everyone ta call ‘em that,” Kinley said sharply.

    “Where is he?” I asked. Kinley shook her head.

    “Righ’ there.” Kinley pointed to a man, not much older than either of us, leaning back in a booth, he had a large drink in front of him, he had ash black hair, and gray eyes, he looked…well…mean. I know stereotypical, but he really did seem that way.

    “I take it you don’t like him?” I asked.

    “Would ya like the man that caused the most trouble in me life?” Kinley asked me raising an eyebrow.

    “I guess you’ve got a point,” I said.

    “What do ya want with Skully?” Kinley asked.

    “I have a business opportunity for him,” I said. Kinley sighed again, grabbing her beer, starting to stand up. I don’t know why I did it, but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. She looked at me with a look of shock.

    “Excuse ya?” she asked.

    “You don’t have to run off,” I said, letting go of Kinley’s wrist as quickly as I had grabbed it. I expected Kinley to glare at me and run off, but instead she just grinned at me.

    “Frank Harson, are ye getting’ fresh with me?” she smirked at me, cocking her head to the side, causing the light to glint off of a piercing I hadn’t noticed before, she had a small stud in her upper lip, it made it look like a birthmark, I didn’t realize it wasn’t real until the light caught it.

    “I might be,” I answered without thinking, grinning back.

    “Tisk, tisk,” Kinley said wagging a finger in front of my face, “That just might not do,”

    “Oh it won’t?” I asked.

    “Not if ya’re plannin’ on causin’ trouble for me,” Kinley grinned at me more, leaning closer to me. Close enough I could smell a floral sent, she smelled nice, I found myself leaning closer to her myself.

    “Who says I am?” I asked. Suddenly my face slammed into the bar with my arm twisted painfully behind my back.

    “Yer flirtin’,” Kinley’s voice was close enough to my ear I could feel her hot breath on my neck, “That causes problems. Watch your back Harson.” And with that the pressure let up on my arm, I slowly moved my shoulder around turning around just in time to watch Kinley disappear out the door.

    I shook my head, watching Kinley go, at the doorframe she turned around, she looked right at me pointing even and winked before taking a backwards step swiveling around the door frame and disappearing completely.

    I swiveled back around grabbing my coke. Chuckling a little, Kinley was a handful, that’s for sure. Suddenly it seemed to hit me. I was here under an assumed name, as a gun dealer, trying to bring down an underground resistance! What was I thinking? Sure harmless flirting was fine, but, seriously? What was I thinking? Kinley didn’t even know my name. I closed my eyes. Idiot. I was an idiot.

    I took a deep breath, I still needed to insert myself where I was needed. I took another long swig of my coke, before standing up, walking over to the man that Kinley had identified as Skully.

    Skully looked up at me blinking.

    “Can I help you?” he asked, he had an Irish accent, but not as thick as Kinley’s.

    “Actually I can help you.” I sat down across from Skully.

    “And how would you be able to help me,” Skully glared a little looking me over, sizing me up.

    “AK-47’s.” I said, “Automatic machine guns, you name it.”

    Skully’s eyes widened a little.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he swirled his shot around before taking it.

    “Skully. Cut the crap.” I said, “We both know who and what you are, and I’m here for one reason,” I said.

    “Really?” Skully asked.

    “Really, now if you’d rather I can take off now and you can find another supplier,” I said to accentuate my point I started to stand up, it wasn’t until I was nearly at my feet that I had to wonder if he was gonna stop me.

    “Wait,” Skully said. I grinned as I sat back down.

    “I like to at least know the names of the people I work with,” Skully said.

    “Which is why I know you as Skully?” I asked.

    “You’re the one trying to sell something,” Skully said. I felt like we were doing some kind of skillful dance, with each one of us taking a step and the other trying to counter, both of us staying on top of the conversation to keep from spilling something inadvertently.

    “Yes I am,” I said, “Call me Frank,” I said.

    “No last name?” Skully asked.

    “Is Skully your real first name?” I asked.

    “Of course not.” Skully said grinning.

    “Then I guess we’re at an impasse,” I said cocking my head.

    “Seems we are,” Skully said, he stood up, sliding a business card.

    “That address. Tomorrow night. Be ready.” Skully said walking away. I picked up the card holding it between two fingers.

    “I’ll be there.” I smirked a little as Skully walked off. I took a deep breath looking at the card. The address was written on the back, I shook my head standing up and pocketing the card, I looked around the small pub. Like it or not I was now Frank Hardy, gun dealer.

    Though after this meeting with Skully I understood why the bosses at HQ sent me instead of my brother, Joe would’ve been so lost in that chess game I’d just played, he probably would’ve blown our cover already, which would’ve been bad.

    Though I couldn’t help but think about the red head that had just left, Kinley. She was something different, girls in America? They just didn’t act that way.

    I paid my bill and walked outside into the crisp Ireland air.

    Kinley was different, my thoughts ran around my head, she was sparky and full of it. She knew what she was doing, though I wasn’t even sure I knew what it was. Even though I knew I had a mission to do, and an important one at that. I couldn’t help but think about her, wondering if I’d see her again, or if she’d even think about me.

    But I had to focus. I had one thing to do while I was here bring Skully down for what he was doing. But…harmless flirting couldn’t hurt, right?

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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

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    Chapter Three


    I leaned back in my hotel room it was odd, the quiet still bothered me, it made me nearly go insane. Okay, scratch that, I was going insane. I grabbed my phone calling Joe.

    "Hello?" Joe answered.

    "Hey Joe, what're you up to?" I asked but the last word was cut off by

    "Hello?" Joe asked. I blinked, great connection problems.

    "I'm here..." I said slowly.

    "Oh! It's me that's not here! Not you! Leave a message at the beep." Joe's recorded voice said.

    "I'm going to kill you for that message dough-head." I said, "I just wanted to make sure you were okay, guess it's not needed," I hung up. Idiot.

    I shook my head, leave it to Joe to have some kind of idiotic message like that. Then I blinked, it wasn’t like Joe to not answer his phone…usually he did answer. Now I was paranoid, add that to the ever growing list of things that were wrong with me. I stood up starting to pace.

    “C’mon, idiot, you’re in Ireland.” I shook my head, I grabbed my jacket pulling it on as I walked outside, Ireland really was a beautiful place, I wondered a little, I watched as the town ended, I just followed the path.

    I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but I could’ve sworn I heard water, I headed out towards the sound, soon I found myself on a grassy area, the ground just seemed to suddenly drop off not five feet away, I edged closer, a rock face greeted me, the water splashed against it, I grinned looking down at the water, then out over the ocean.

    “Amazing,” I whispered. I grinned as I walked along the edge. Just barely over the edge I could hear music, guitar music and a voice that couldn’t really be made out. I blinked a little, continuing along the edge, not close enough I could’ve fallen, but close enough I could still watch the water.

    Randomly the music stop then it would start back up again, usually from the beginning. I shook my head, I didn’t know what was going on, exactly, but it was kinda nice. As the music grew louder, I was able to recognize the voice. I had to be thinking things, either that or fate was intervening, but it sure sounded like Kinley.

    Before long Kinley came into view, I shook my head.

    “Great,” I muttered, “What exactly are you planning here?” I glanced up at the sky, but I chuckled, “Do remember I’m on assignment.” I told the clouds, “Gun runner? Flirting doesn’t fit in.” I shook my head.

    Kinley groaned, starting her song over again.

    “Having trouble?” I called. Kinley visibly jumped looking up.

    “Oh…Hey,” Kinley said, putting her guitar to the side. I walked the rest of the way over to her.

    “Mind if I sit?” I asked. Kinley paused looking me over, from foot to head and back down, she gave half shrug, “If ya must,” she said.

    “Good to know I stand your scrutiny,” I said, sitting down in the wet grass, “What’re you working on?”

    “A song that’ll never work,” Kinley said shrugging, her thick Irish accent was really cute actually. I couldn’t think this way. I couldn’t do this.

    “Sorry,” I said, “Want some help?” Even though I failed English? Yeah I’d be a great writer.

    “Nah,” Kinley pulled her guitar off putting it beside her, I noticed a sticker on the side of it but she turned it against her to hide it

    "Sorry if I interrupted you," I said.

    "Meg, tha' thing hated me anyway," Kinley rolled her eyes.

    "I didn't know you wrote your own songs," I said, watching Kinley as she looked out over the water, her red hair was blowing away from her face behind her in the wind.

    "Mostly jus' whatever's goin' on in me life, nothin' interestin'," Kinley shrugged, "What brings ya out here?" she changed the topic.

    "I was looking around the town," I said. Kinley looked from the water to me blinking.

    "Unless thin'sve changed towns tha' way," she pointed behind me. I chuckled.

    "Don't worry it's still there, I just kept walking, then I heard singing," I said, was it my imagination or was there a slight blush crossing Kinley's cheeks? I blinked and the pink was gone.

    "Surprised ya heard over the dogs howlin'," Kinley said. I laughed.

    "You sounded good in the pub," I said. Kinley shrugged.

    "I got that gig 'cause he owes me," she said, her eyes focusing across the water again, "I wonder what it'd be like..." she said randomly. I blinked looking out over the water.

    "What would what be like?" I asked. Kinley jerked back to reality looking at me then nodding back over the water.

    "Leavin' here, goin' to America," Kinley said.

    “IReally?” I asked, watching Kinley, it was hard to believe this was the same girl that had twisted my arm behind my back, just the night before. Kinley lifted one shoulder in a half shrug.

    “It really isn’t all that fun,” I said after Kinley didn’t respond. Kinley didn’t respond back for a while, watching the water, I wasn’t sure she was going to say anything at all, an awkward silence fell over the two of us.

    “At least ya’re free,” Kinley whispered finally. I blinked, I almost missed what she had said, if it hadn’t been for a small reprieve from the waves, I wouldn’t have caught it at all.

    “Are you okay?” I asked Kinley. Sure Ireland wasn’t America, but she could go where she wanted and do what she wanted, right? I found myself genuinely concerned about her.

    Not a good place to be, Frank. I reminded myself.

    Kinley snapped back looking from the water to me, she glared harshly at me.

    “Like ya’d care.” she said lowly snapping up her guitar and springing to her feet before I even had a chance to open my mouth.

    “Kinley!” I said, standing, “I didn’t mean to upset you,”

    “Go ta hell, Harson.” Kinley snapped walking off.

    “Kinely!” I called, jogging after her. Kinley spun around glaring at me.

    “Ya don’ know nothin’ about me.” Kinley said holding a finger up threatening, “Ya don’ know nothin’ about me life.”

    “I’m sorry,” I said putting my hands up, “Honestly,”

    “Jus’ quit tryin’.” Kinley said but her voice softened slightly, “Ya can’t help me.”

    “I could try,” I said. Kinley paused, biting her lip then she shook her head.

    “Ya can’t.” she said turning around walking off. I sighed glancing at my watch, great, four sharp. I had to get back to my hotel room to be ready for my meet with Skully. So I let Kinley disappear ahead of me.

    I slowly walked back to my hotel room, I’d wanted just some time to look around, and I’d run into problems. What was I gonna do in a few weeks (Days?) when I went back home to my life as Frank Hardy.

    I chuckled imagining telling Kinley that the whole time we’d been friends it was a lie. Sure she’d take that smooth as ice. I rolled my eyes, I’d probably end up punched in the jaw. Numerous times. I couldn’t help but grin a little inspite of things. Kinley was a firecracker.

    Once back at my hotel I tried Joe, again. Got tripped up by his voicemail, again. Threatened to kill him if he didn’t change it, again.

    I tossed my normal phone on my bed going to take a shower.

    When I emerged again, wearing clean clothes, my hair still a little wet, my normal phone was ringing. I quickly picked it up.

    “Joe?” I answered, I should’ve checked caller ID.

    “Wow, never been called that one before,” Nancy’s voice came across the line. I laughed.

    “Sorry,” I said, “What’s up Nan?”

    “I was just wondering what was up with Joe, he hasn’t answered my calls all day, not usually a big thing,’s Joe. That and I’m so sick and tired of that message,” Nancy said. I would’ve laughed if the first sentence of what Nancy had said had sunk in.

    “You haven’t talked to Joe all day?” I asked.

    “No,” Nancy said, “I figured he was with you though, he’s not?” I could hear the concern in Nancy’s voice, probably mirrored in my own.

    “Nan I’m in Ireland, on assignment,” I said, “I have been since yesterday,”

    “Oh.” Nancy’s reply came after a pause, “Joe’s not answering your calls either?”

    “No,” I said, just what I needed, to be half way across the globe and my brother goes AWOL.

    “Okay...” Nancy said slowly, “Well maybe he forgot his phone,” she was trying to keep me from stressing, sweet, but totally wasn’t gonna work.

    “Nancy,” I said simply.

    “Yeah I know, Joe doesn’t forget his phone,” Nancy sighed, “Listen you focus on your mission, okay?”

    “Hard to do,” I said looking at my clock, I had to leave or I’d never make it to the meet with Skully.

    “I know,” Nancy said, “But I’m on it now, I’ll find him, I’ll try Raylinn and the few other ATAC people I know.”

    “You know other ATAC people?” I asked blinking. Nancy giggled.

    “A few,” she said.

    “Who?” I asked.

    “Now you should know I’m not a liberty to say that,” Nancy said. I rolled my eyes.

    “Nancy.” I said.

    “Get, I’ll find Joe.” and with that Nancy hung up. I sighed looking at the now dead phone in my hands. I placed it back on my dresser, grabbing green button down shirt pulling it on, starting to button it. When there was a knock on the door. I slowly went to open it.

    “Frank, hi,” the man with brown hair and brown eyes to match said, “Grady sent me,”

    “Oh, c’mon in,” I said stepping back. The man stepped inside.

    “I’m your handler for lack of a better word,” he extended his hand, “Embry,” I nodded shaking his hand.

    “Frank, but you already knew that,” I said. Embry nodded.

    “I’m here just in case you need me, phones aren’t always secure but you can reach me,” Embry handed me a card, all it had on it was a number, “Call me any time, if you’re in trouble and need out tell me you need magic, simple as that.”

    “Magic?” I asked.

    “I don’t come up with the safewords, I just tell them,” Embry said. I chuckled nodding.

    “Gotcha,” I said.

    “Oh, and here,” Embry held out a shining gun, I stared at it not taking it.

    “You need it,” Embry said.

    “Is it even legal for me to have that thing?” I asked.

    “You’re a gun runner, remember?” Embry asked, “You don’t do anything legal.” I slowly took the metal contraption from Embry, I’d shot them before, sure, at the range, I was comfortable with a gun, but I’d never just carried one on my person.

    “I know you’re hesitant here, but you’ll need it, especially with these guys,” Embry said. I nodded, slowly tucking it away in my waist ban, pulling my green shirt over it.

    “That should be it,” Embry said, “I’ll swing by now and then, just to get an update,”

    “No problem,” I said, the gun felt heavy, I still wasn’t sure about carrying it with me, but I supposed for protection, I had to admit defeat.

    “Do you have a meet set up?” Embry asked.

    “Yeah,” I glanced at the clock, “Thirty minutes from now,”

    “Guess I’d better let you go,” Embry said.

    “Sounds it,” I said, nodding, heading for the door.


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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

    Post  GrammarShark on Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:44 am

    Great chapter! Haha, I like how innocent Frank is, even after working with Joe--

    Wait, I said that wrong.

    *clears throat*

    I cannot believe how normal Frank seems, after working as a spy (with Joe).

    Right. I'm going to shut up now. On with de story, lass! (isn't that Irish for girl? Hmmmmmm)


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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

    Post  HeartBunnie on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:38 am

    Yaaay. I like this story. ^-^ This would be as long as one of my reviews but...I don't want people to think I'm loopy.

    So anyway, awesome job. :3 I love everything in this. ^-^ Ooohhh I wonder whats going on with Joe. X3

    O_O By the way, his phone message thingy will me my phone message thingy when I learn how to work my phone. I've had it for a year. confused

    ^-^ Buh-bye now. :)

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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

    Post  TheBookNut on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:39 pm

    Hi, CK! Finally I got a chance to read the whole story! Um, WOW! This is amazing, Carolyn! I love it sooooo much; it is just amazing! Not only does this take place in Ireland, my dream vacation, but the plot is so exciting! Dangerous, but very exciting! And I'm verrrry curious about this Kinley girl . . . Continue soon, CK! Please!!


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    MAG1 Re: The Resistance Strikes at Noon

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